Exercise + ? = Results – By Arwa Al-Moghrabi


Has it ever occurred to you that what you’re doing at the gym is probably too much than your muscles can handle? Have you ever considered rest and sleep to be two of the most crucial factors to success in your workout plan? If the answer is NO then stay tuned for more!

Nowadays with all the fitness hype that has struck the general population many regular Joes and Marys are spending way too much time at the gym attending 3 to 5 classes daily. Truth be told I was one of them and I used to think that too much of a good thing like exercise will make me stronger physically thus develop a higher level of fitness in a shorter period of time plus achieve my goals faster. Overtraining your muscles or excessive exercise with an insufficient resting or sleeping period in between training sessions will make your body more prone to injuries. How is that possible you say well very simple, When your muscles don’t rest as much and are pushed too far your performance level in a class or training session drops! This is because your effort i.e. mental, physical, and emotional effort is divided by 3, 4 , or 5 classes instead of 1 or 2! Your muscles should rest ideally for 48 hours in order to allow tissue repair, muscle growth, and fat burn. Resting periods of course vary from one individual to another. Some trainees would recover rapidly and can perform well the following day. Others, however; will need longer periods until their muscles adapt to the expected effort. In short, the key factor here is listen to your body if it’s saying no I’m tired then so be it. How much is too much? It is recommended to attend 1 to 2 classes per day that focus on different fitness components e.g. resistance training and cardio. Moreover, being patient with results is key bear in mind if you’re going to lose your weight quickly you will end up gaining it back also quickly in no time. Your body is allowed to lose 1 KG max per week. Or else expect saggy body parts all over the place. Another point worth mentioning that is related to rest is stretching. Many members and trainees underestimate the importance of stretching at the very end of their sessions. This works as a pre-resting signal to your fatigued muscles which facilitates in restoring your muscles’ tissue and body temperature back to its initial stage hence the name cool down!


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