If Justin Bieber Fled to Panama, Why Can’t We?! – By Natalia Oparka-Kharma

Thanks to our Canadian pop star we already know how gorgeous and pristine Panamian beaches are. What else has Panama got to offer? Located in Central America, Panama is a real melting pot. Ethnical diversity and mixture of cultures makes that place truly unique.

Not hooked up just yet? So check this out: If you are a sports lover, you won’t be disappointed because Panama gives you a chance to pick your favourite: from golf, fishing and cruises through surfing, kayaking and yes – even Alpinism! Just make sure you take your camera with you, cause you are most likely to encounter monkeys, toucans and lots and lots of birds! Shopoholism is ruining your life? Not in Panama, it won’t! The capital (Panama City) is famous for shopping malls and affordable market places. You might go on a shopping spree to the biggest mall in Central America or go looking for rare items in local markets and feel free to bargain!! Among all the attractions, you might want to just relax and admire God’s great creations. Ecotourism, which offers bird-watching, turtle and whale-watching as well as camping and hiking might be the perfect way of tuning out the noise of modern world and focusing on what is around us.Not sure about you guys, but I am totally sold! If u want to learn more, go to: http://www.visitpanama.com


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