Patience is the Key – By Zatasha Kiran

There are some relationships and people that are put into your life solely to test your patience. I’m sure you have all come across at least one, if not multiple, in your lifetime. These relationships challenge, drain and defy until we sometimes reach a point where we lose hope in humanity, ourselves, and we’re ready to give up.

Whether it’s trying to please a challenging boss, fighting to get a relationship off the rocks or keeping your parents happy I’m sure many of you have felt that at some point, persistence isn’t worth the effort anymore and you walk away deflated, dejected and demotivated vowing to cut all ties. But then there is that minority who seem to face any challenge with a smile, a prayer and a healthy chuckle, dealing with obstacles as if they are mere mole hills and finding alternative, peaceful, ways to handle hardship. So what is it that keeps these people serene in the face of struggle? Patience, as they say, is a virtue and is always, as cliché as it sounds, the key to contentment. True, meaningful, heartfelt patience. It’s easy to fall apart and give up when things don’t work out as we’ve planned, anybody can complain and lament about fallen dreams and broken promises, but it takes the strength and power of a lion to actually just be patient with a manager, spouse or sibling who is pushing you to the limit. It takes willpower to reply to a nasty comment with a loving one, it takes courage to hug someone who’s pushing you away, but the results can be astounding. Sometimes all we need is that charitable smile or a word of praise. So next time you’re ready to throw in the towel, try folding it slowly, say a few kinds words and have a little patience!


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