Spring in Lake Como! – By Dalia Al Hassawi

Size isn’t everything: located between Switzerland and Milan in the north of Italy, Lake Como has an area of 146 square kilometers (56 square miles). With its pre Roman origin, it remains a magical place that has been appreciated for its uniqueness and beauty for centuries. It is Italy’s deepest lake and most popular. Surrounded by green mountains and hills, the lake is sprinkled with beautiful villas and resort villages making it a top romantic tourist destination and an exquisite spot for photographers to showcase their creativity. If your wedding date is set and you’re thinking of a stylish, atmospheric, and chic location, you will be mesmerized by this piece of heaven, which gives you a list of venues starting with castles to villas and ending with restaurants and gardens making your special day a memorable one.

Something most people don’t know is that Lake Como has been a popular tourist refuge for aristocrats and wealthy people since Roman times. And in 2014 you’ll find celebrities like George Clooney, Madonna, and Sylvester Stallone retreating to their extravagant homes. So who knows? You might be lucky and run into a Hollywood star. Where can I stay? Well, your options start with campgrounds to elegant villas. Your choice will be based on your mood and/or budget.

While you’re there, make sure you visit the walled town of Como’s historic center and its piazza (square) with lively cafés. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake and the Alps while trekking on the hiking trails. Biking, mountain biking, rock climbing, boating, swimming, windsurfing, and paragliding are also on the list.

As for our history lovers, make sure to visit the Silk Museum (dating from 1900), Villa Carlotta with its 18 century artwork and furniture, and for Star Wars fans Villa del Balbianello is a must see because it was used as a set for one of the Star War movies.

Now, although you have many things to do throughout the year, note that July and August are the most crowded months, while spring and fall are not as crowded and the weather is normally pleasant. As for the winter, you should expect some services to be closed, however, if you’re into skiing, you can enjoy that in nearby mountains.


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