Beauty on a Budget – By T. Baker


It’s no secret that women everywhere want to look and feel beautiful. Whilst there are plenty of salons and spas out there, not everyone can make the time to get a regular manicure and sometimes that frequent facial can be too pricey. The key to beauty is keeping it natural and whilst a day at the spa is a lovely way to treat yourself every so often, these few tips will help maintain your beauty without burning a hole in your pocket!

Coconut, coconut, coconut!
Deep condition your hair with coconut milk once a week for soft and smooth results. Just spread evenly over roots and tips and use a shower cap or wrap your head in cling film to trap the heat in. You could also do the same with coconut oil. Works wonders.

2) Avocado
Avocados contain countless nutrients that are beneficial whether consumed or use externally. Protein in avocado promotes healthy hair growth and avocado oil is a perfect sunscreen. Mix avocado in with your coconut hair mask or add it to yoghurt for a great facial.

3) Honey and sugar
Honey and sugar is a great natural scrub. Honey moisturises whilst the sugar gently exfoliates. The last thing you want to do is use harsh chemicals on your face, also avoid using salt exfoliators as salt is too harsh on the face. Gently massage the honey and sugar into your skin and leave for a few minutes if desired. Rinse well. Your skin will instantly feel a lot smoother.

4) Yoghurt and Oats
Yoghurt and oats are another great exfoliant. Oats gently exfoliate and yoghurt contains lactic acid which is great at exfoliating, moisturising and smoothing the skin. Be sure to use plain yoghurt as sugars and flavourings in any other kind can irritate your skin.


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