Carpe Diem – By Dalia Al Hassawi


Is life so strange, or have we not profoundly understood it?
We are born, we grow up, then die! Is that it?
If that’s how you perceive life, then you are bound to live your life in a roller coaster ride with many unforgettable moments and lots of miserable nights trying to relive those memorable moments of the past.
Some find life a mystery. So impossible to comprehend. Like for example, why do we fall in love if we could break-up?! Why accept a marriage proposal from the love of our lives just to get hurt when the flame of our love starts to die out?!
Why give, give, and give in any given relationship, when the other side might just cheat on us or backstab us?! Why LIVE if we’re just going to die!!

Well, let me say this: Why travel around the world on the most amazing trip when it is bound to end?

Yes, the answer is simple. It all goes back to one fundamental truth, Carpe Diem: Enjoying the moment.
And when I say “enjoying the moment,” I mean enjoy every pleasant aspect of it. Enjoy the thrilling moments, enjoy the loving ones, the successful ones and so on.

Those good times and pleasant life experiences may be over now, but you were lucky enough to have enjoyed it when many less fortunate people out there never got the opportunity to have a taste! Celebrate the most amazing moments of your life. Cherish these memories and be thankful for living them rather than mourn their departure.The biggest truth about life that many seem to fail to acknowledge is that nothing lasts.

I’m not saying that handling tough times should be as easy as pie. Not at all! I believe that life is a chain of tests measuring and strengthening our spiritual immune system; faith! So it’s normal for us to take as much time as needed to heal from those difficult times as long as we are constantly moving forward to the light at the end of this temporary tunnel. However, good news is that if we do it right, we will take that deep breath once we’re out of the hole, but with the necessary skills and strength, that were acquired, for the rest of our lives.

But hey, we shouldn’t feel sad. Instead, we should be flexible. We should embrace, accept, and become friends with our new face in the mirror 20 years from now and see the beauty in it, enjoy the challenges of our new job, find warmth in our new house, fully live our new phase in life!

Our firm belief should always be: There’s always something/someone better just around the corner waiting to be revealed. It may not have the same taste of what we have experienced in the past, but it definitely does have its own unique, exquisite taste, waiting to be enjoyed and appreciated by you.

Celebrate your past, the good moments for their sweetness, and the bad ones for the learnt lessons that made you the stronger person you are today. Live the moment and create new memories for tomorrow. And look forward for a better tomorrow and that IS what you’ll get God willing.


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