Forgiveness – By Zatasha Kiran

No matter how much we try to avoid it, like the plague, there will undoubtably come a time in your life where someone you love will unintentionally (or intentionally!) let you down. The healing process begins and ends with forgiveness. Being able to accept that none of us are perfect and we are prone to mistakes and mishaps is the biggest liberator. Forgiveness is what gives us life and allows us to be reborn into a grudge free and ultimately pain free existence. Through forgiveness, we are able to build stronger, more meaningful relationships. We are able to accept that we are human and prone to mistakes. It can be easy for people to transgress and make mistakes, but it’s much harder for people to open their hearts and let the hurt and anger subside. Religion teaches us to be forgiving and give excuses for our companions’ mishaps. After all, if God can forgive the transgressions of millions of people all over the world time and time again then who are we to hold a grudge.


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