Funio – By Arwa Al-Moghrabi


Many of my clients were never keen about doing their cardio until I’ve motivated them enough and explained how important it is to do it the following day after their weight training sessions. I kept thinking what would make them do their cardio without knowing they’re actually doing it! So I went and sat myself down over the weekend and started brainstorming. I wrote the two words that I wanted to achieve on a paper and drew a cute cloud around them “Fun + Cardio”. The first thing that rushed through my brain was to join both words in order for me to visualize the concept a bit more. So I erased both words and wrote “Funio”!

How can one achieve Funio I asked? I started to categorize the cardio activities that I enjoyed doing at the gym e.g. squash, cardio kickboxing, step. Then I put them in favoring order I’ve noticed that squash came first. Then I started to write what makes squash so special to me. One of the reasons was that I love practicing it whether alone or with a friend. Second reason was I could stay on the court for hours without glancing at my watch no matter how tired I was. Then It hit me cardio based sports achieve Funio!

Well why do I favor a sport over an actual class my clients ask. Majorly it focuses on a very important concept in fitness known as functional training. This principle allows a trainee to exercise in a natural setting using natural movements of a sport. E.g. in squash lunging, twisting of the torso, swinging of the arms etc… When doing such movements not much thought is given in the execution they are produced automatically without realizing them.

Moreover, the trainee is more focused on the game here the goal is to win unlike in a fitness class the goal is to follow the trainer’s moves and keep up with the beat and mind the space that they’re in and not to bump into people etc… This sounds like a stressio to me not a Funio at all! Fitness is about choosing the right activity for you and making it a lifestyle.

Also, another interesting point worth mentioning is that by practicing a sport an individual extends their social fitness circle. Humans are social species making more friends from the gym or outside the gym add to the sport and make it more fun, upbeat and challenging at times!

Finally, don’t force yourself on the elliptical or treadmill for the next 30 or 45 minutes! Do some Funio choose your favorite sport and your cardio is done in not time!


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