How to Apply Concealer: 12 Tips – By Didi Vita


Before applying your concealer or make up, make sure it matches your skin. Test it in bright light or sunlight to see how it looks. It should blend so well that it seems transparent on your skin, yet it conceals the areas that you desire. A more natural look is what you should be aiming for. The following tips should ensure best results out of your concealer:

Tip 1 – Put a small amount on your fourth fingertip. Dot it on and move from the outside corner of the eye inward, and back out again.
Tip 2 – Concealer can be applied over or under foundation, either way, be sure to blend them thoroghly. But that does not mean that you should blend in a rough manner, be gentle to your skin. A triangular makeup sponge can be handy.
Tip 3 – If you have dry skin, always prep it with moisturizer before applying.
Tip 4 – Applying concealer on freckles and pigmentations may require heavier layers which could make them look worse so don’t use it unless you really need to.
Tip 5 – When it comes to dark circles, use your fingertips for the under eye area. Use a shade lighter than your foundation if they are recessed. Use a bit darker if they are puffy.
Tip 6 – You will need a yellow-based concealer to hide spider veins.
Tip 7 – Don’t forget the most susceptible areas like the nose bridge, corner of mouth and outer corner of eyes. These areas need special attention while applying concealer.
Tip 8 – Apply concealer sparingly. It shouldn’t be thick.
Tip 9- After applying, smile into the mirror and check that you applied the concealer evenly. Blot gently with a tissue over uneven spots.


Tip 10 – After you have finished, lightly brush with a sheer translucent powder. This will set your concealer.
Tip 11 – Always have two concealers. Have one for your tanned days whether from a tanning booth or from the sun, and one for your normal skin tone.
Tip 12 – Do not keep concealer or other cosmetics for more than a year. It could harbor bacteria which will cause your face to break out.



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