Marry Me – By Didi Vita

Will you marry me? Four words that can bring any girl to tears of joy.

However, is marriage the beginning of the end or the beginning of a very beautiful tomorrow that keeps flourishing in different ways?

Well, I strongly believe in the latter. But like any other thing in life, marriage needs constant work to overcome life’s tests, and to keep it on the right track.

Once we become lazy and start to take things for granted, we stop putting the time and effort that is much needed to keep anything alive.

It could be maintaining your ideal weight, mastering a new language, or keeping the flame of your love lit. If you think of it, there isn’t one businessman out there who reached the top and became a multi-millionaire by taking things for granted. Behind every success story is a man or woman constantly striving to reach their goals and setting new goals to improve quality of their products or to expand their business. Keeping the product attractive, interesting, and new needs persistence, creativity, and the strong will to shine. And the same applies to protecting your new healthy lifestyle from becoming a drag and to maintain the same level of enthusiasm for learning that new foreign language like it was when you first started the quest.

Marriage is no different! Most marriages fail because a spouse stops putting effort into the relationship. Whatever you used to do to impress her, and whatever you used to do to attract him and keep him mesmerized by you should continue after tying the knot. It’s not game over.. Not yet! Not ever! If you truly want this to last like you promised each other in the beginning, then you got to water the plant. As my mother always says, “A relationship is like a plant that needs to be watered every single day by the two.” But before creating that “plant” you must truly own it meaning your plant of love will only be nurtured “till death do us part” when you wisely choose the right one for you. The one who makes you want to nurture your baby love.

So spice up your marriage and be creative in making your partner feel special on that day, every day! When you look at your reflection in the mirror first thing in the morning, smile and make a secret promise to make her feel adored and valued on this day and you should also make a similar secret vow to make him know how much he is loved and appreciated on this day. By being selfless and by focusing on your spouse instead of yourself, the two of you would be fulfilling what the other is in dire need for.

With true love, respect, understanding, loyalty, fairness, commitment, and a good communication between you two, you should enjoy your love till you grow old together.A reporter once asked a couple, “How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?” The woman replied, “We were born in a time when if something was broken, we would fix it, not throw it away…” But it takes two to tango.

This article has been inspired by Jason Derulo and his hit single “Marry Me.”


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