A Spanish Experience – By Natalia Oparka-Kharma

A Spanish Experience-1


May is devoted to celebration of Madrid’s patron – San Isidro. That festivity comes with its unique programme, which means BULLFIGHTING (you get a chance to see world-famous bullfighter since Madrid is the main place for corrida). If you are familiar with Ernest Hemingway, you probably know how much he loved that attraction. You may learn more about Hemingway and bullfighting in cultural, out-of-the-ring part of the programme.

A Spanish Experience-3A Spanish Experience-2


If fighting bulls turns out to be too much for you, we found just a thing for animal-lovers – The Lion King Musical played at Teatro Lope de Vega. Literally everyone is familiar with this story and imagine it with extraordinary music, amazing costumes and Spanish lyrics…

A Spanish Experience-4


Nothing screams Madrid louder than a trip to the Prado Museum. Don’t miss El Greco Library Exhibit available from April 1 to 29 June . After El Greco’s death in 1614 a detailed inventory was made. 130 books were found. Divided into 5 selections they are now for us to be seen. The copies of Homer, Appian, Virtuvius… The exhibit takes us for a ride into El Greco’s soul, his growth as a person as well as an artist. A must-see.


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