Because I’m Happy – By T. Baker

Because I'm Happy-1
“Happiness is…a new car? Your favourite song on the radio? A mother’s hug? The truth is happiness is all of the above and much more. However, there are not many people today who allow themselves to see happiness in the smallest of things. We live in a materialistic age; an age where our children, or younger siblings, and even ourselves pine after the newer, shinier things that we believe bring us joy. There is no denying that there is a certain element of contentment found within materialistic things, but a new phone soon loses is lustre; it is only a matter of time before it’s replaced with something much newer. And so the race continues.

Because I'm Happy-2
The days of playing outside with other children, turning streets into desert islands and wooden sticks into swords through the simple power of imagination are slowly disappearing. We have become too accustomed to being handed everything on a plate and we are passing this bad habit on to others. Instead of looking at people who have been blessed with more wealth and aiming for the same all the time, it is important we stop and take some time to be grateful for what we have already been given. Health, family and friends, a roof over our heads…if homeless children can smile and play about on the streets under the hot sun, then can’t we be a little more cheerful about our own situations?
The 21st century is obsessed with the new and seems to have forgotten that all that glitters is not gold. It may be no crime to embrace the good and new, however, it is certainly an offence to forget the golden old.


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