Dreams Can Come True – By Annarita Tranfici

Dreams are for warriors, dreams are for brave people, dreams are for brave warriors. No one can teach you how to be a warrior: there is no school to attend, no master to imitate, no guru to listen to. Each warrior with a big ambition has to take care of his own formation and to do this he has to overcome many trials: he has to learn to challenge his tenacity, his determination, his own motivations. Every ambition is like a dragon to ride without fear of its flames, its spines and its teeth. A warrior is nothing more than an ordinary man with his limits, and often these limits stop him, turning into obstacles that seem insurmountable. However, he does not care too much because he always keeps in mind his ultimate goal, the dream that makes his heart beat and gives meaning to every single day.

Warriors do not exist only in fairy tales and knights are not only men in charge of defeating dragons or saving princesses in distress; our age is full of warriors and unknown heroes responsible for some little daily miracles, men who are always armed with courage and spirit of sacrifice.

Today I will tell you the story of a young warrior and his happy ending: His name is Rachid Khadiri Abdelmoula, and he was born 26 years ago in the city of Kourigba, in Morocco.

In October 2013, he realized his dream and was awarded a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Turin’s engineering school. Nevertheless, his story is not like the others: the course of his studies was different from the one of the majority of students, neither easy nor obvious.

He has had some moments in which he thought he would not be successful and he was required to possess a great will and strength to not give up and leave everything .

The story of Rachid began 14 years ago, when he left his homeland to pursue the hope for a better life in Italy, precisely in Turin. His family was of 10 people, they had a small piece of land which could not vouch for support to all the members, and his brothers have made a decision to change their own lives in a very far land full of promises and better prospects. The exciting and hopeful stories told by his older brothers pushed Rachid to make the same brave decision and, at the age of 12, regardless his family’s concerns, he said goodbye to all and settled in Piemonte.

Since then his life has been made of self deprivation, sacrifices, and endurance. He spent long days in the porches in Turin, a cold and not always a hospitable city, forced to tolerate hassles and frustrations of some people who, in this period of global crisis, vented their anger railing against a young boy with no faults. Anyway, Rachid did not lose heart and each day, for 365 days a year, he challenged tiredness, sadness and bad weather going on selling the goods that he exhibited in his particular “showcase”: a cascade of various trinkets hanging from his shoulder that he showed to all drivers waiting for the green light at the traffic lights.

In his best days, he succeeded in earning about 30 euros selling scarves and handkerchiefs. But the good days were few and, on average, Rachid managed to bring home up to 600 euros a month. Some of the money was used to pay the rent of the house that he shared with his brothers; the other part of the amount was needed to buy food, books and to pay bills. The boy had the possibility to ask for two scholarships whose help was providential because he never had enough money to cover all the monthly costs. Unfortunately, in the last period he could not benefit of this little privilege anymore because funds were lacking also at the University and award criteria had become much more severe.

The absence of the scholarships, the increase of the tuition fees, the drop in sales, the racism towards foreigners and the difficulty in passing some exams were only some of the trials which tested Rachid’s willpower. On more than one occasion, he saw his desire to become a civil engineer like a dream which was too big and difficult to achieve.

Luckily, the boy realized he was not alone and that he could count on the moral and economic support of his new Italian friends and his native family: some students recognized their classmate and offered him help showing feelings of deep humanity and no shame. In the same time, his brothers and cousins continued to make sacrifices to allow him to study, as well as his parents who did not hesitate to send him part of the small profits made from their farming at home .

Rachid has never been alone: they all trusted him, and he has to thank all of them today for his success. This experience has taught him several important lessons; he has learned to give importance to his dreams and pursue them until they are realized and, in addition, he has understood that when something bad happens, he should always look for the positive aspects, reset and start over again, without complaining. Adapting is the first rule to remember in order to become stronger and better face life adversities.

Today Rachid’s challenges have not finished yet; he intends to complete his studies, beginning a Master Degree course for which he is aware that it will take two more years of studies and tissue selling. His main objective is to work; he is conscious that he probably does not have many chances in Italy, but he is not afraid to change his life and country and get involved elsewhere. He has already demonstrated of not being afraid of sacrifice and hard work, and certainly his attitude to adapt which makes him a boy who is intended to have a successful future.

This story of Rachid is only the first of the series of success stories that we will tell you ; stories of ordinary people who, thanks to their abilities, to great strength of mind and a positive and active mindset, have achieved their objectives and are, therefore, examples to follow and sources of inspiration.

Good luck to Rachid, in hopes that he will achieve all his ambitious goals.
Don’t forget to hold on tightly to your dreams and do everything possible so that they could become a reality: the key for success is in YOU!


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