Happy Mum = Happy Family – By S. Abdalla

Happy Mum = Happy Family-2

To be a mum does not necessarily mean to be happy, although the blessings that come along with a child can be in fact the key to happiness! Anyone can be a mother, but it requires much more to be a devoting, loving mum while staying true to yourself. So, to sum it up, what exactly does it take to happily enjoy motherhood? Having a cooperative partner, understanding and helpful friends, supportive family, etc… around will indeed lift a heavy weight off your shoulders, but the foundation of being genuinely happy as a mum is to build a strong and intense connection with your child while being a sane person at the same time. Society can be a destructive force at times due to the fact that people tend to criticize you and make you feel guilty or like your performance as a mum is below the standard! “Their standard!” Their interference or rather intrusion in your lives can be extremely frustrating. Mothers can be constantly attacked, judged, and criticized for not making the correct decisions for their own kids. (According to them).

Happy Mum = Happy Family-1

…the foundation of being genuinely happy as a mum is to build a strong and intense connection with your child…”

So in order to protect yourself and your family from all of this unnecessary hostility, you should make time for yourself and the pursuit of your lifelong dreams as well as focus on your kids’ needs and reassure yourself that you’re doing a great job regardless of what others may think. Mums as unique human beings, are blessed with being capable of comforting their kids throughout their lives and are by nature somehow skillful in solving problems, finding various solutions to any kind of problem, and coming up with answers to their kids’ unexpected questions. It takes a lot of motivation, energy, and most importantly commitment to continually maintain the child´s well being while not forgetting oneself as well. However, with a positive attitude, a big portion of love for your children and for yourself, and by fully embracing life with a positive attitude, every mum will feel grateful and HAPPY for this incomparable blessing; motherhood!


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