Fruit, What a Passion! – By Annarita Tranfici

Prune Shake

Summer, summer, summer.

What comes to mind if I say the word “Summer”?

For me, since I was born in Italy, in the city of the sun and the sea (Naples), in my head the word “Summer” is  immediately associated with the beach, lots of laughs with friends, relaxation and high temperatures. However, for all those women who during the winter season have not been able (or didn’t want) to devote themselves to the care of their body, the arrival of summer can bring many worries and concerns.

Women, raise your hands if, at least once in your lives, you said unkind words to yourselves since summer has arrived while you are overweight and unfit.

Well, I am part of the group; my sweet tooth added to – I must admit – an unjustified negligence, which made me hate the way I looked and scold myself for my laziness on several occasions.

The perfect body of the girls on magazine covers and the nice and the enviable appearance of some women I met in the street, contributed in making the situation worse.

After all, who would not want a dry and visibly healthy silhouette?

To justify our own failures or hide our laxity, we often tell ourselves the lie that we have tried pretty much everything but never got the results we’ve wanted.

When we finally decide to make a change in our lives and begin to eat in a healthy way, how many times did we hang back giving our conscience different excuses?

Work, family, fatigue, stress, lack of time: several reasons that each of us has used just when had to take the first step towards change. The truth is that none of the listed reasons, from the most trivial to the most serious ones, could and should stop the woman who has consciously realized that the time to give a gift to her body and her health has come.

In this case, which is the correct way to act (if it exists)? If the term “correct” is linked to a decision made by listening to common sense, surely the two words that should be immediately removed from our vocabulary would be “diet ” and “drastic”. Why, you could ask. The answer is simple: the word “diet” has in it the sense of a deprivation, a renunciation of something that is irrevocably denied. Moreover, the word “drastic” suggests something categorical, decisive and incontrovertible.

Imagine, therefore, what a disastrous effect the combination of these two words would have on our psyche. However, why not replace them with the following couple of words “proper diet”?

And who says that in a “proper diet” sacrificing taste is necessary?

Well, and which food is both good and healthy par excellence?

Surely you have guessed what I’m talking about: fruit.

During the summer season, in order to tackle the heat, we need to take more fluids and more fruit; a good way to do this without great sacrifices in taste is represented by shakes, tasty drinks obtained by mixing together various types of fruit with the addition of water, juice or milk.

The main ingredient of the shake is the fruit and it must be ripe and very sweet so that you do not have to add sugar to the drink, which would only raise the number of calories and increase the sense of thirst rather than stop it.

If you want to make a mini meal out of your shake, a good idea is to combine the fruit with milk, adding calcium and protein. Since milk will increase the number of calories, you can use your milkshake as an energy snack instead of a beverage.

The good news is that shakes are also useful for weight loss; if prepared with fruit, fruit juice, spices, and without the addition of sugar, they help to burn calories and deflate the bloated belly: the abdomen.

So, use all your imagination and taste and enjoy yourselves inventing new shakes with all the fruit that the summer season has to offer. But, above all, make it a habit to take care of yourself throughout the year, without recurring to last-minute drastic diets which can only ensure short-term results.

Spend at least an hour a day for yourself, be careful what you put into your body. Do not deprive yourself of anything but consume everything in the doses which are right for your bodies, without stress and rush. Learn to celebrate your achievements, step by step and if it can be useful, mark your goals and your reasons on a sheet of paper, so that you can read them again in difficult times.

The key to making change is in your hands; if you’re not quite happy with your appearance, you have the opportunity to change and improve yourself, without recurring to impossible diets, pills that promise miracles that won’t happen and to unhealthy practices.

Food becomes harmful only if it is excessive and wrong; it can be good at the same time if taken with care, exploiting the potential of each food and conceding the body the amount it needs. Begin to enjoy your food at the table: Have a variety of foods, experiment new recipes and be happy with the results obtained.

For recipes of some tasty shakes, go to “Summer Shakes” by Annarita Tranfici.


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