Genie in the Bottle – By Natalia Oparka-Kharma

Do you know a lot of people who drink at least 2 litres of water a day? Yeah… Me neither. We are all aware of the benefits of hydration, yet there are so many difficulties it introduces into our lives.

First, you carry water everywhere with you. Library, office, train, tennis court… It’s quite a lot of lifting and moving around if you really think about it.

Second, the “peeing”! I know we rarely like to admit that, but we are human beings and we have to go to the bathroom every now and then, but with 2 litres of water a day? Better take your pillow and just move to the toilet for the night.

Third is the lack of time. Who has the time to drink when there are speeches to be given, homework to be written dinners to be cooked, children to be changedI can go on all day if you want me to. We are tired, stressed, overworked, under-appreciatedGosh, in these circumstances no wonder people grab a bottle of Scotch instead of a glass of cool water. I never believe these health nuts on TV telling me how crucial hydration is.

One of my friends turned into a hydration freak and was trying to talk me into drinking more for months. I decided to give it a go just to get her off my case. I made an effort, carried the bottles, reminded myself that it was time to drink, and walked back and forth to the bathroom. And here I am- A CONVERT. I rarely include changes in my lifestyle (and if I do, it’s “I’m gonna order big fries from now on- more economical”), BUT I’m going to stick to my bottle of water from now on.

–   Losing weight – feels amazing: Water removes by-products of fat and your intake of food will decrease simply because your tummy is filled with it (that is if you consume it right before your meals for sure). Also, you will feel less hungry with this natural appetite suppressant! Water will raise your metabolism and the best thing about it is that it has ZERO calories!

–   Energy booster – I believe I can fly: Water increases your energy and relieves fatigue. Your energy levels will be boosted due to the fact that your brain is mostly water. For this reason, it will help you focus, concentrate, and think more clearly.

–   Better skin – how refreshing: It improves your skin complexion by moisturizing your skin and by keeping it fresh, soft, smooth, and glowing. It is the best anti-aging treatment because it gets rid of wrinkles.

–   Stronger immune system – Try and get me: A water drinker is less likely to get sick! Wouldn’t you love to feel healthy most of the time? Drinking plenty of water will help you win your battle against the flu, cancer, other ailments like heart attacks.

–   No headaches.. No cramps: Proper hydration helps relieve and prevent headaches and migraines and lubricates joints and keeps your muscles more elastic. This way it is less likely for you to have joint pain.

–   No more hard times in the toilet: Water is essential to digest your food thus prevents constipation. So, you can see why you won’t have any trouble in your next visit to the rest room

I finally feel better about myself taking care of my body day by day. In the end, we all need to show our bodies some love, kindness, and appreciation. So congratulations are in order – Water and I are going steady…


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