Mistakes Men Make – By Dalia Al Saad

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It’s the summer and most men are hitting the gyms striving to get that ideal body for the beach. Sounds exciting! However, in order for you to meet your goals without any setbacks, you don’t want to make the following mistakes:

1) Not Stretching: 

Alright, let’s agree that you want to continue to workout at the gym now that you’ve taken the first step and joined. In order to guarantee that, you need to take stretching very seriously! It should take 5 to 10 minutes  before your physical activity. Stretching will help get your muscles flexible and oxygen will circulate every part of your body. The biggest fear is to pull a muscle. It’s not only painful, but will surely derail your physical routine for days.

2) Overestimating Strength and Endurance:

So it turns out to be that it’s part of being macho to workout for many hours non-stop to show off strength and energy. Well, if you want long-term results and an amazing body, do not make the mistake of starting out with heavy weights or too many reps because that can result in getting injured or in wearing down your muscles. Building up strength and endurance will be achieved over time. You need to start out with 5 to 10 pound weights and doing just a few reps. You can go to the next level once this becomes easier on you. And by the way, this will gradually but surely happen.

3) Doing Too Much:

Okay, so being at a gym can make you feel so tempted to work all your body by going from one machine to another, spending a few minutes on each muscle. Instead of doing that, how about you plan ahead and have a detailed schedule to target the muscles that you want to focus on for that particular day? Try to give each machine enough time for your muscles to fully benefit from it before you move to the next.

4) Choosing the Wrong Workout:

You don’t necessarily need to try out every single machine at the gym, so carefully set your needs and goals. To do that, please don’t seek friends’ recommendations or tutorials on the Internet. It would be extremely wise of you to seek professional advice and design an individualized workout just for you with a personal fitness trainer. This way you can learn how to use all of these exercise machines that are at your disposal.

5) Overcompensating:

You want to keep your body fit and toned, but that doesn’t mean that you strain your muscles by overdoing it. Just because you won’t be working out for the rest of the week does not make it okay to exhaust your body with long hours of heavy workout. Finding balance is key while being consistent in your workouts.

Source: http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/exercises/5-common-exercise-mistakes-men-make.html#b


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