Summer Shakes – By Annarita Tranfici

Here are your four fat-burning shake recipes that you can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the weekend for four weekends.

Shake with prunes

The first recipe is the shake with prunes; you need 4 pitted prunes, 1 peeled kiwi, a glass of apple juice and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Kiwi and plums stimulate the intestines, while the cinnamon is used to melt fat in a natural way.


Ginger Shake

For the ginger shake you need: 150 grams of low-fat yogurt, 2 cm of fresh ginger root, a glass of unsweetened apple juice. This mix of ingredients is good for the benefits brought by the calcium of yogurt that also helps to eliminate fatty deposits, and moreover ginger stops nervous hunger and stimulate dieresis and thus helps in the purification of the body.


Pepper shake

For this shake, get 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, 1 slice of mango and a pinch of chili powder and a glass of pineapple juice. The main flavor of this smoothie is mainly derived from chili peppers that, as you know, help burn calories and the pineapple juice is strongly diuretic.


Shake with asparagus and carrots

This recipe consists of the following ingredients: 8/10 asparagus (you’ll have to cut off the hardest part of the stem), 2/3 stems and tufts of celery and 2/3 medium-sized carrots and blend and centrifuge all the ingredients. This shake helps the body to eliminate excess fat thanks to the amino acid contained in the asparagus and their very low calorie intake. The asparagus also have a very high power diuretic. Celery has a high content of water that hydrates the body. Carrots (thanks to their high content of beta-carotene) stabilize blood sugar levels in the blood.


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