Beach Smart – By Zatasha Kiran

Summer is here in full glaring force and so is the surge of over excited beach bums flocking down to the waterside to get their dose of extra concentrated vitamin D. While a day of fun down at the beach is always exciting, staying safe and protected is also important. If you’re a beach fanatic who loves to spend hours by the waterside then here are some important tips to remember.

1. Protect your skin
It is a widespread myth that sun protection doesn’t allow the skin to tan. It in fact enhances and aids tanning whilst still protecting the skin from harmful sun rays as the name suggests. No matter what skin tone you are at least some SPF is a must, so don’t forget to slather it on at least 20 minutes before going in the sun. If you love that bronze sun kissed glow use anything from 15-40 SPF. For more sensitive skin sunscreen with a higher SPF may be better. For a natural alternative try cold pressed coconut oil. Don’t forget to apply a generous amount to face, hands and lips. Also remember, the reflection of the sun on the water makes your skin tan faster, so apply sun protection before going into the water as well.

2. Stay hydrated
The last thing anybody wants is to feel drained and lethargic at the beach and losing just 10% body water can cause you to feel dehydration. Make sure to continuously sip on water or fresh juice whilst your enjoying the heat. For a refreshing mix of both drop a few slices of freshly cut lemon, orange or apple in a glass of cold water.

3. Eat well
Many people don’t like to eat a big breakfast or anything at all before beaching. Stay energised with nuts and fruit as opposed to snacking on fatty foods. Bananas are especially great, they’re delicious, filling and easy to grab in a rush.

These simple tips should enhance your fun filled beach days and boost your energy levels.


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