Destination London: Discovering the Best Street Art Masterpieces – By Annarita Tranfici

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Do you love street art? Do you consider it as a form of art equal to the others or not?
I definitely love it and I always stand delighted in front of the several masterpieces that everyone can find in the hidden corners of our big cities. London is surely one of those cities where this type of art is not absent. I moved here few months ago and have not yet been able to see all the wonders that my new city has to offer. However, there is a tour that, if you are planning a visit to the capital of the UK, I would definitely recommend to book…

I’m talking about the “Street Art London Tour“. If you want to discover a vast array of artists, techniques, styles and movements of the London street art, this is surely up your alley.

Street Art London’s street art tour is a walking tour around East London’s creative hub for those who want to see all of London’s greatest pieces of street art and find out more about the street artists behind them.
The philosophy behind this amazing tour is simple: the organizers’aim is to document London’s ephemeral street art in every moment and every situation, in rainy or sunny days, and showcase this work on their ‘Street Art London’ site. They propose an intense immersion in the London street art scene with a first hand experience thanks to a strong relationship with artists, and assure  knowledge that cannot be read or acquired in a book.

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From artists painting on pieces of chewing gum to those using sculpture, there’s a lot more to street art than the traditional graffiti. It’s a great tour, and, for the price, it’s an absolute must: 15 pounds for 4 hours of interesting, informative and exciting art. A quite unique way to explore what London’s East End is on foot, especially with the support of Karim Samuels, one of your possible guides to the amazing street art at every turn. He knows many of the artists personally and even curates a wall in the area; the details shared are intriguing and informative, he provides an invaluable view into the art, style and inner-workings of this industry.

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Alexis Diaz, Banksy, Bastardilla, Ben Wilson, Broken Fingaz Crew are only some of the artists’ names whose masterpieces are shown during this fantastic tour.
It would be great to share this knowledge with people all over the world and show them some of the greatest examples of street art.

I recommend you to leave a half-day free in your journey to book a tour: You won’t regret it!

Here is the website where you can find all the information you could need, a complete gallery, some reviews, hours of tours and prices.

Finally, if you want to have a particular souvenir, tied to your artistic tour, you have to visit the Camden Town Markets,  open-air and indoor markets,  each with its own distinctive flavour, line a street of shops, bars and restaurants  in Camden Town, North West London. Camden Town hosts a community of counterculture artists and musicians, including punks and alternative rockers, it is a natural point of homage for street artists. It boasts a plethora of railway lines, bridges, canals and old decaying buildings, prime street art estate. Street artists love these places because they can free their imagination without being caught; and for the street artist it is morally acceptable to ‘brighten up’ a neglected building, so this part of the town always invites artists to start decorating! It likes to celebrate the street artist and it’s usual to see market traders flogging the more notorious pieces reproduced on t-shirts and canvas for its counter-cultural clientele. Street art is welcome in Camden!

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Now, tell me… Are you still undecided?


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