Think Out Loud – By Helen Hollister

Every day I dream of a magic pill that will transform my body into Jennifer Lopez. A dream it may be, but the desire is a reality. So, many of us look for the quick fix; a jump-start to losing weight.  We wanted it off yesterday.  We spend hours on the Internet searching for that one special diet aid that will help us become our dream. There are fruit pills, coffee pills, spice concoctions, apple cider vinegar to sip on all day. Then, there are diets that are low carb and high protein to liquid diets and fasts. All promise results and most do work, for a while anyway. But in reality, once we go back to normal eating, the pounds we lost find us again.

I think we all know what the key to losing the pounds, the bulges, the muffins, that doughy pillow, and even that BEAR body is to close our mouths. Now, I don’t mean go and wire your jaws shut so you sip everything through a straw. Which people did do this among other desperate attempts to lose weight. I remember there once was a belt you wore around your stomach with a hard plate sown into the belt. This was to put pressure on your stomach to make you feel full.  Not to mention the clip to put on a pressure point of your ear, like acupuncture to suppress your appetite.  The list goes on and on.

Then you have prescribed medications. Some work by blocking the fat you eat, so of course how do you expel it from your body, guess?  Meds to speed up your metabolism. They work great too but serious side effects can occur. And natural herbs that can make you pass every time you eat. Don’t you dare leave your house when using those. And last but not least, surgery. Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, the belt, stapling and gastric balloons all seem extreme, but they give us hope of looking like JLo.
A dear friend and I always talk about the latest diets, supplements, and fads to get that quick fix that jump-start. But we both know we are full of guacamole. We know after years of countless diets it’s all in our minds. Once you make your mind up to eat healthy and exercise, transformation will begin.

It’s a personal decision only you can make. When you are ready to make that commitment to yourself for your health for your life that guacamole will be really delicious with low-fat baked tortilla chips. You may not look like JLo but become your own beautiful star.  You know yourself and know what works for you. As for me, I dream every day to be like Jennifer Lopez. Maybe one day I will and maybe not. All I need to do is to make my decision.


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