Mud & Metal – By Helen Hollister

“Be home by dark”, my mother would say. How I loved my childhood. Living on a farm in the country made for endless summer days of fun. And it didn’t cost a penny. Riding bikes with friends for hours and hours. Going horseback riding on the trails through the woods and wading in the cool water of the creek collecting fossils was my entertainment.

These days are quite different. The age of technology has taken the place of creeks, bikes, and outdoor discoveries.  Kids spend countless hours playing video games and social time is spent on chats, Instagram, Whatsapp and more. Not only are they not outside involved in physical activities, their interaction with others is purely in cyberspace.

My husband and I never allowed my older children to have a cell phone at a young age. Although we always made sure they had the latest play station, my boys were fourteen when they got their first Nokia. My daughter was in high school when she got hers. They got their laptops in college.  We thought there wasn’t a big need for all of it. But now my youngest got his first BlackBerry at age eleven and an iPad at age twelve and now an iPhone at fourteen. Obviously we have evolved over time.

I would have loved for my boys to come in the house covered in mud from wrestling in the yard after a refreshing rain. Instead they wrestle with the video games. It would be nice to hear the person on the other end of the chat sometimes instead of having to type every word. Oh, but wait you can record a voice message. Better than nothing I guess.

Technology is an amazing tool for so many things we do. It sure makes life easier for many. But I have to say it can be a huge distraction . I find myself on my Galaxy S4 surfing the web for almost anything  and everything. How did we survive without a cell phone? I can’t remember lol.  So I take control of my fingertips and put it down. Like my kids I have to monitor my time too. We all can become addicted. So put down your phone, turn off your computer, and go outside with your kids and wrestle in the mud. As soon as I close my laptop, I will go outside and tend to my garden …not FarmVille.


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