The Amazing Power of Dreams: A Boy with Artificial Legs Becomes A Star Player – By Annarita Tranfici

The story of Adam Donnachie has become renowned 3 years ago when some of the most famous English newspapers decided that it was worth letting their readers know how strong a very young boy can be.

Although it is not a recent story, I chose to tell it anyway because I have felt impressed by the strength of Adam’s spirit and courage. I think that, by his example, Adam was able to give to all the people who were around him a great lesson in life. To better understand its particular merit, let’s read his success story. Image and video hosting by TinyPic   Adam, an English 10-year-old boy, was born with only half of his legs because of a rare condition which stopped them from growing below the knee. He learned to walk on prosthetic limbs but was informed that he would not be allowed to play his favourite sport as teachers were worried his artificial legs could crack or cause injures to other players. During the years, the boy has always refused to give up and went along to take part in trials three years in a row. His strength and determination paid off and he now has a key  role in the team. Despite of his two artificial legs, he has become a star player in his school football team.

His proud grandmother reported that no one had ever dreamed Adam could be on a classical football team and that she had accepted the such an opportunity as impossible for him because of his state. Actually, all the family members had except for Adam. He had always refused to give up, and continued fighting for his dream. His two prosthetic legs didn’t make him feel disabled. He believed that he could do anything he wanted and time and results seem to have proved that he really can. Doctors noticed that Adam’s legs were not forming correctly during his mother’s pregnancy. When he was born, both his legs were missing and he had a tiny malformed foot attached to his left thigh. At the age of one, he had surgery to remove the tiny foot on his left leg, which has no kneecap. His right leg ends just below the knee but needed a pin in it to keep it straight. He got his first prosthetic legs when he was just two and started walking within a week, amazing his family. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He is conscious that he is different from his mates, but he doesn’t care. He only focuses at the goal in front of him. He seems to have no fears and always goes on doing what he likes, refusing every kind of limitations. He loves spending time with his family and his friends, going out, swimming or playing football. Obviously, his life is not simple. His flesh-coloured limbs, which are made of metal at the top with foam covering a bending mechanical strip below, need to be changed three times a year and often break because of his lifestyle. But once again, his aim is to hold on to his firm belief that limitations are not strong enough to stop him.

His teachers were uncertain about letting Adam play because of health and safety reasons, but when they saw the light in his eyes, they understood that nothing could prevent him from playing. He would have suffered a lot if they had stood in his way.

It’s not so intuitive that the boy has artificial legs by the way he moves as many might imagine. It needs to take a few looks to figure it out. He can play and he is very good in sports,  as good as the rest of his teammates.

Adam’s story is one of those stories that should inspire us with many insights. How many times (maybe a day), do we complain about a certain thing? How many times, without having serious problems objectively, do we think we are unlucky and won’t be able to achieve any goal?

Adam has never given his physical limitations more importance than necessary. Despite his young age, his maturity has made him understand that he had to live with that problem for his entire life, but this fact does not necessarily have to stop him. Surely, it would need more effort, more steadiness and more willpower to meet his great goal, but it does not matter. He would succeed, and so he did! I think that these sorts of people will always give us hope because of the inspiring way they have triumphed over life’s adversities.

I love stories like this and that’s why I decided to tell you the amazing success this boy has achieved realizing his greatest dream. This proves to us that obstacles and difficulties are only in our minds and that if we strongly desire something, we’ll be able to find a way to make our dreams come true. Everything else is an excuse!

Having said that, why not stop complaining and finding excuses? Why not reason about how to pursue our goals instead? Perhaps with a well-defined plan? One small step at a time and bigger things will be made. The most important thing is to take the first step. Do not give up and always firmly believe in yourself.

I want to conclude this article with this inspiring quote from Mahatma Gandhi:

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Believe in your dreams. They can come true.


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