Yes, I Can – By Menna Alwardani

I thought a lot about the topic of my first article. Love, hope, optimism, and happiness, all these words have one thing in common; POSITIVITY. I decided to relate “positivity” to this first article of mine. For this opportunity was given to me to uplift myself before helping others feel better. I will start with myself and change as many negative traits as possible. Even if I do not achieve much, I would be glad that at least  I tried and I will not stop trying. Now, where should I start? Okay, I will start by changing the way I view my university (which I do not like much). What else? Humans! I will try to have hope and faith in people more than I currently do. Miracles happen to those who believe in them. So, here I am deciding to be more positive!

On a Tuesday afternoon, I look out of my bedroom’s window and I get lost in my thoughts about my insecurities. No one is anti-insecurity or insecurity-free. I always viewed having insecurities as the main cause of my death at a young age. I discerned that if I did not change this, I may sink into depression. Can you imagine your life without insecurities? It is not actually possible to have such a life. What life basically does is make you go through hardship or tests and once you recover from one and move on, it makes you go through something harder. This is like a cycle, it never stops. However, the secret lies in how you view it. Having insecurities can be the reason that will choke you up and eat you alive OR it can be the stairway that you climb to become a better person. Different people have different insecurities, but some insecurities can be common in a large sector of people. The insecurity of failure is an example. You can use this fear to motivate yourself instead of freezing in your place and surrendering to the negative thoughts of what the future might hold. The fear of losing a loved one can make you appreciate every moment with this person and neglect the differences between the two of you. For some people, if not all, being overweight is a major insecurity. Tell yourself that you can work out and burn the extra weight instead of bullying yourself to believe that it’s “game over”. The key is to use the fear of whatever insecurity you have and change it into positive energy that would push you forward in the direction of success instead of that of failure. Life will always be testing your patience till the very last breath. In science, molecules of one substance react with another till both are equal and satisfied, similarly OUR LIVES. If I had to learn anything from the past couple of years, it is the fact that one would find the peace of mind when one achieves equilibrium between things. Between love and hate, happiness and sadness, and same applies to positivity and negativity. Maybe one day you’ll wake up and realize that it was just a bad dream, until then, live it, carve the perfection out of every moment, and do not let anyone ruin the smile on your face or diminish your self-confidence.

It is not wrong to fail. Failure is the key to success in my point of view. Giving in to failure is the mistake that can shatter us into a million pieces. Through time, history gave us examples of successful people who were always positive even though they had reasons not to be.

An analogy for such people is Marie Curie, a famous Nobel Prize winning scientist. Unusual for women in the past, Marie took an interest in Chemistry and Biology. Since opportunities for further studies in Poland, where she was born, were limited, Marie went to Paris. After working as a governess, she was able to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. It was a struggle for her to learn in French. She threw herself into her studies and lead an ascetic life dedicated to studying. She went on to get a degree in Physics to finish top in her school. She later got a degree in Mathematics, finishing second in her school year. Curie faced all the difficulties starting from her interest in Chemistry and Biology until the difficulty of studying them in French and not giving up.

Sometimes it is only in great darkness that we can fully see. From the darkest of times comes hope. My advice to myself before others is “DO NOT GIVE UP!”. Do not give up on the people you love, on an opportunity that seems impossible to come, or even on the simplest things like wishes that you may belittle.


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