Daily Detox – By T. Baker

Making that decision to be healthy can be a difficult one and for one main reason. Healthy food, unlike its rival is seemingly hard to come by, or time-consuming to prepare. If you’re not ready to make the commitment of going all out healthy, there are some no-sweat “recipes” that can keep you feeling good on the inside and looking good on the out.

Lemon water is good for all sorts of reasons, being rich in vitamin C and aiding digestion being just a couple of these benefits. You’ll simply need a glass of water and a few slices of lemon. Put the lemon in the water and voilà; you’re daily detox is ready in a cup. Remember you can re-use the lemons a couple of times after your first glass so don’t throw them away, have a re-fill or two throughout the morning. Lemon water will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin will thank you for it. So drink up. When life gives you lemons, detox!


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