Smooth Foundation Application and Finish (Part 1) – By J. Raza

Ever wonder why is your face cakey, bumpy and dry after your make up is applied? You may even say to yourself “but I am using the most expensive items in the market”? Or “but I have purchased the same items my favorite make up artists uses on her clients”. Well after knowing your skin tone which is most important another important factor is, your “skin” face and neck. A face that isn’t exfoliated once or twice a week will never have that beautiful skin finish look they may see others have. So it doesn’t matter if you may use the exact same products. Everyone has facial hair which is normal, some may have more than others but hair can get clogged with foundation giving a cakey rough look.


Exfoliating the face at least once or twice a week will remove deep dirt and dead skin cells from the skin and its crevices (such as pores and lines). The surface of our skin produces millions of new cells on a continuous basis. However, several layers of the surface skin is also composed of dead skin cells.The removal of dirt and old dead skin cells through exfoliation reveals newer and smoother skin. Applying foundation onto recently exfoliated skin will ensure a smoother application and finish.

Skin Primer

A primer is very important even more so as you get older due to fine lines and wrinkles. Really dry skin benefits a lot with primer getting that smooth finish. For those who do not know what a skin primer is it is a Foundation primer, that  is a cream or gel applied to the face before any foundation. Most primers are sold as clear, creamy products. However, they can also be purchased in shades such as light yellow or green in order to conceal redness. Primer products are aimed at providing a creamy and smooth base designed to fill fine lines and wrinkles, pores, and cover problematic areas such as blemishes. Foundation may actually be applied directly to the skin without a primer. However, including primer before foundation will help in attaining extra coverage and smooth results in the overall finish. It is also useful to use a primer for ‘photo-ready foundation’. So exfoliating and using primers or even silicone based foundations and eye primers will give a great airbrushed smooth face.


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