10 Travelling tips – By Natalia Oparka-Kharma

 1. Learn the essential phrases. No one expects you to speak the language fluently, but memorising a couple of useful sentences may help you get around and make new friends. Excluding “talk dirty to me” unless you want to get sold into places that definitely aren’t on your sightseeing list.

2. Get a map. Don’t count on Google maps to do the job for you. The moment you leave your country you don’t really know when you will get to use Wi-Fi again. And you surely don’t want to waste your holiday running like a headless chicken picturing your loved ones posting your photo on a box of milk.

3. Take all the meds you may need during your holiday. Because a throbbing toothache or a case of explosive diarrhea isn’t something that makes one’s vacation unforgettable… or is it?

 4. Go easy on the camera. Taking pics of the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall? Yes. Posting pics of your blue swimsuit, your lunch, your new mascara on FB… Not OK. Don’t shove your fancy get away down everybody’s throat. They love you, they just don’t need to know everything about your brand new nail polish.

 5. Don’t have too high expectations, cause that seems to be where most of us go terribly wrong. Unexpected obstacles like awfully uncomfortable bed or noisy Spaniards next door may be a nerve wrecking experience or just a bump in the road. Focus on the bigger picture: you in that amazing place with some hot Spaniards next door!

6. Be safe. Taking a cab with your buddies to the old town at 3 am – exciting. Hitchhiking by yourself in the middle of nowhere at midnight? Probably not a good idea. There’s a fine line between living your life to the fullest and risking it.

7. Go easy on the booze. You want to make the most of your holiday ..that’s a given, but no one wants to remember it in flashes followed by dehydration, unbearable headaches and numerous visits to the bathroom. Ever seen “The hangover” movie? – exactly.

8. Leave your problems behind. Every time I get a breather I start over thinking things. “Where is my life going?”, “Why did my last relationship fall apart?”, “Why is my boss so narrow-minded?” Close your eyes, inhale the fresh air and… oh… that’s a funny looking bird. Exactly – focus on the present!

9. Buy your souvenirs wisely! Does your mom really need that cheesy calendar with pictures of 12 equally ugly cats? And for your dad that cheap “I love whatever” t-shirt? If you really want them to feel special, make it more personal.

10. Be spontaneous! If you feel like lying on the beach all day – go for it. Climbing, hiking, swimming, sightseeing and every other possibly “-ing” – it’s your holiday- own it! And now repeat after me “Adventure, here I come!”



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