A Spiritual Spa Day – By Sherry Nassif

Life can be hectic and challenging these days. With constant demands on your time, information and media overload, the fast pace of life can be draining and exhausting.

Have you ever daydreamed about running a way to a desert island? Hardly practical. Are you dreaming of lying on a secluded beach? Your holiday could be months away. What about a Spa getaway? Maybe that too, is neither practical nor financially viable.

What about creating a Home Spa Day? A day where you take time just for you, to renew and refresh yourself.

Now I am not talking about a day of facials and massage, a day of manicures and pedicures.

I am talking about having a Spiritual Spa Day, a day of devotion and quiet reflection, a day you will spend in peace and quiet. Thinking, pondering and contemplating. Does that sound good? Does a day of harmony and tranquility sound appealing?

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Firstly a caveat – this is non-denominational, so you insert the rituals and practices of your own religion or belief system as you wish.

Today, don’t look at your phone, read the newspaper, watch television or check Instagram or Facebook or any social media. Today is a day off from all of that.

I recommend you rise an hour before dawn, while it is still dark. Wash your face and rinse your mouth. Have some lemon and water, make your tea or coffee and sit quietly near an open window and let that special night breeze blow over you. And consider how still the night is. Can you see the moon? Are the stars still out?

Read a devotional book, or poetry that speaks to your heart and will move you.

Enjoy the sunrise and notice the natural world coming to life.

Once it is light, go outside if possible. Connect with the early morning life, feed or put water out for the birds. Think about these birds and how they happily leave their homes each morning with a song in their hearts knowing that all they need will be provided for.

I recommend that on this Spiritual Spa Day you either fast or eat very little, say 5 small meals. Eat natural, non-processed foods and for today, don’t eat meat. Have a very light breakfast.

After breakfast, take a short walk outside, and give thanks the beautiful day, dedicate it to cleansing and feeding your soul.

Sleep for a little while if you like.

Wake up mid-morning and then listen to a motivational lecture or read a book that inspires you.

Try to do a good turn for somebody today. Can you give charity? Call a friend who is down? Repair a relationship? Today would be a good day to do that.

In the afternoon try to give thanks for all that you have and are grateful for.

Go for a long walk or swim or anything that will connect you with nature, somewhere quiet and relaxing where you can appreciate and admire Nature’s beauty and bounty.

Stop and stretch and breathe deep, full, calming breaths every now and again

Try to be outdoors for the sunset and notice how the day winds down naturally, and you wind down with it too.

Take a soothing bath at night, then take time to relax before bed with breathing and meditation. Go to sleep early and sweet dreams.


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