Daily Observations – By Samir Sarfraz


Photograph by Samir Sarfraz

You can never judge a person by how they look, but we do anyway. It’s natural. It is as natural as putting our shoes on before we leave the house. But as I look closer at the onlookers, their eyes are moving, ever so carefully, up and down. The movement tells me they are judging that person by what they’re wearing.

There is no better time to obverse a person than on their commute. Every thing they do is like clockwork. It’s actually quite impressive once you realise the tell tales! You’ll find a veteran in riding the rails, an extremely calm and composed civilian, with a face of patience (think of Sherlock Holmes assessing a room within 10 seconds of walking in to it). They know what seats will be empty, which ones are broke and when it will be busy. They’re dressed to a tee, including freshly ironed clothes. And they allow themselves a smile once in a while. Effortless.

Now, the person beside them however… They are fresh out of the shower with their hair dripping with water. Attire looking slightly amiss, as the run over prompted their clothes out of sorts. The next thing I notice is how breathless they from the dash from the Bus Station to the Train station. Once they compose themselves, they cling on to whatever is near to check their bags incase something has been left behind. Through the disheveled nature, I see crushed cappuccino Costa Coffee cups, spilt Starbucks smoothies and nasty Nero’s on the floor (I don’t like Nero).

I fall right in between these two commuters. I haven’t mastered the art of the commute, nor have I left anything at home. I’m not dressed to the 9’s, but yet I have not put the wrong shoe on. I’m not out breath but I do have time to observe the others. I have learnt to time my mornings with ten minutes to myself, where most of my day is planned. Milky Mocha’s and sweet Almond Croissants are my fuel. The general public is my target. And time is slowly becoming my friend.

Upon proof reading my daily observations, I have come to the conclusion I’m no different than the judgmental folk of my beloved Manchester because I do it too!
In this instance however, I am judging someone by what they are doing. But what I’m doing is harmless… Right?! But so are they… Right?!

Catch 22?


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