Sweetaholic Cancer – By Dalia Al Saad

If you thought that getting a cold once or twice – if not more – every year is a norm, you couldn’t have been more wrong. To simplify things, being healthy is when all of your biochemistry is running smoothly. If the chemical and physico-chemical processes and substances in your body are malfunctioning, you consequently get sick.

Now the next question should be: “What is the key to getting sick?”

Answer: SUGAR

After studying it for many years, medical research scientists have concluded that sugar is a deadly metabolic poison!

  1. Sugar lowers your immunity.
  2. It causes every imaginable disease including Alzheimer, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, colds, flu, and even allergies.
  3. It prevents fat burning.

We are all made of those microscopic units of life called cells. We started life as a single cell in our mothers’ wombs. The average person is now somewhere around 75 trillion cells. If every cell works properly, you won’t get sick. People get sick when a large number of cells malfunction.

“How can I make sure that my cells are functioning as they should?” you may wonder. Well here’s a simple formula:

Provide the cells with all the nutrition they need on a daily basis + Protect them from the toxins that can disrupt the normal function of the cell = Cells function normally. (YOU CANNOT GET SICK!)

We all love our sweets! No one is saying that it’s an easy task to cut sugar out of our lives, but if you really understood what it does to our bodies, you’d realize that it will be a challenge just like overcoming any other type of addiction.

Dr. Raymond Francis, author of the book “Never Be Sick Again” says that he has only had one cold in the past 26 years! At the age of 48, he almost died. His death was a medical certainty, and that’s when he had to use his own knowledge of biochemistry to save his life, which he did!

Dr. Francis explains in his book that 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar can cause biochemical chaos and imbalance for 6 to 8 hours, and one cola drink has about 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar.. you do the math… If we take cancer, the most frightening and most expensive disease, as an example, you’ll be shocked to know that cancer prevention and cure are already known! They are simple, yet discreetly kept from public knowledge. The knowledge already exists. It just needs to come out to the light by educating people and putting it to use.

You must be wondering why your doctor has never told you about this. Well, that is because your doctor hasn’t been told and he/she hasn’t done the research to find out. Research has been mostly wasted on how to measure cancer and how to treat cancer but not on how to cure it or how to prevent it. In addition, the sugar industry spends so much money on campaign contributions to members of congress, which explains why sugar is subsidized in America. And that’s what led Dr. Francis to write a book on it called “Never Fear Cancer Again.” 

This isn’t just done as a precautionary measure, but can also diminish cancer and make it fade away even with stage 4 cancer patients that were told that there is nothing else that the doctors can do for them and were sent back home to start the most painful countdown. A few patients luckily survived cancer after reading Dr. Francis’s book.

He explains in his book that cancer cells eat only one food, and that is sugar! They feed on sugar! So, if the body contains one single cancer cell, all it needs is sugar in order to for it to be fed and naturally grow. Therefore, to cure and prevent cancer, you need to get off of sugar! Simple as that! One teaspoon of sugar can reduce your immunity by 50% within 2 hours. Your immune system is your shield against cancer and as previously explained, sugar lowers your immunity and takes away your shield leaving you unprotected and weak. Can you imagine how much damage we are causing to our immunity every single day leaving ourselves so vulnerable in front of cancer and other common diseases and sicknesses?

You see, this is what happens when the sugar level is high in the blood:

  1. The body declares an emergency.
  2. It shoots a lot of insulin into the blood.
  3. The insulin tells the cells to suck up sugar, and that’s what the cells do!
  4. The cell then becomes full of sugar and so starts to produce saturated fat into the cell membrane

…..and that makes it hard for the oxygen to enter the cell!

So, eating sugar damages the cell membrane and lowers the amount of oxygen entering the cell (oxygen deficiency), thus, the creation of cancer cells.

Alright, enough with cancer. Wanna lose weight for good without the need for dieting?

Stop eating sugar! Again, that is the simple solution.

Eating sugar makes the insulin level go up, and when the insulin level goes up, the body goes into a state of chaos including your hormones. In fact, when the insulin level goes up, it turns on a switch that shouts out STORE FAT! STORE FAT! So, the cells get a signal not to burn any fat, but to store it instead!

So, the only way to lose the weight is to stop giving cells the order to store the fat. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re not burning fat although you’re on a low-calorie diet, now you know that the switch is still on giving orders to store fat due to your sugar intake.

Try to develop and adapt to new passions of food; Sweet, fresh, juicy, soft or crunchy, and colorful mellow fruits. Just make sure you avoid fruit juice because by drinking fruit juice, you are getting too much bioavailable sugar too fast! Also, avoid yoyo dieting because they can actually lower your immunity and damage the heart. Instead, exercise regularly, meditate, eat healthy, and avoid the famous white poison: Sugar.

Sugar is addictive! I agree… but after knowing all this, do we turn a blind eye?

To watch the Dr. Raymond Francis’s interview, click on the link below:



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