My Tribe – By Natalia Oparka

It’s New Year’s Eve. Early afternoon.

The last day of the year is usually the time of nostalgic reflections and careful analysis of what actually went right and wrong for us (or heavy drinking and crazy partying, take your pick). Unfortunately (or fortunately? Really hard to tell.), I have to admit, I have been suffering from a minor case of sentimentalism lately and that led me to some impressive conclusions…

I’m twenty-six now (gosh, admitting that just gave me chills) and the past few years haven’t exactly been kind to me. Yet I cannot really say that I’m a victim of a cosmic joke or that fate is taking revenge on me – quite the opposite: life happened and I am, more less, where I want to be. What is more important, however, is the fact that going through things in life gives you the incredible opportunity of getting to know a lot of people with different backgrounds and from various environments. And since everyone has a story, this may very often be an enriching and comforting experience. Or at least it has been to me. I have managed to find my people. My tribe. And I realized I owe them quite a lot. For that sole reason, I consider myself lucky. Although I have made some pretty big mistakes and  things haven’t exactly turned my way in the last few years, I know for certain that there are people out there whom I can count on and who will be there for me, when I am ready to get out of yet another hole I’m digging. And that’s something I needed to share with everyone out there who struggles and worries and has sleepless nights that life – that never-ending journey with its petty disappointments, unpredictable twists, cruel heartbreaks, emotional battles, sorrowful partings of ways, that this time very often filled with confusion, doubt, sadness and grief – is after all a gift, a lesson, materialized hope. That we are never truly alone. I believe that life is about finding yourself, as well as finding others who make you whole and make this place more of a home for you. So trust yourself, hold your head up high. And never. NEVER give up hope. You are not alone.


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