Starting Over – By Dr. Abdullah Bahi

Human beings are not the only creatures on earth who link things that they do to time. For instance, birds migrate north in the spring to breed and return south in the autumn where grounds are warmer and provide a better atmosphere. Trees let go of their leaves in the fall giving space from new leaves to grow once the cold winter has passed.  Squirrels and bears hibernate in the winter when the food isn’t sufficient to conserve energy and not die of hunger.

We, on the other hand, decide to change our habits, start a new hobby, challenge ourselves to do things we thought we’d never approach, and link the initiation of this with new years. We decide to start studying when the minute arm of the clock reaches the number ’12’. We link visiting our parents and relatives to a specific day in the year, maybe a morning on Eid or an evening on Thanks Giving.
But the question is, is that a good or a bad thing?
There’s no doubt that visiting a lonely mother, or starting a hobby that you always wished you could do are good things to add to your days, giving you positive energy to move on and produce in your life, but why not start it once you make the decision? That one moment, the second you make the decision, is the second where the whole universe will help you. It’s when your mind will do what you never expected just to give you that rush of satisfaction once you achieve what you want.
There’s definitely no time better than the time you make the decision to start studying because you FEEL you’re far behind, to go buy a new book because you find yourself in NEED to fill that space of curiosity to know more. We need to use this moment, treasure it, and never waste it.
Don’t postpone! Don’t give up on that precious moment called NOW to start what you love. Give it a shot.
Happy New Year 🙂

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