5 Best Health Tips Ever – By Dalia Al Saad

1. Imitate your little cat: To boost your blood circulation, help your digestive system, and relieve backache, learn to do stretching exercises when you get up in the morning just like your kitten does.

2. Breakfast.. Breakfast.. Breakfast: There’s a reason why we always hear about the importance of having a proper breakfast with wholewheat bread and lots of fiber. If you’re skipping this crucial meal and you’re wondering why you’re not losing weight as you should be, now you know why.

3. Ice ice baby: By drinking ice-cold water before and during exercise, endurance can be improved by 23 percent. Studies say that ice water makes our bodies expend calories warming them up and boosting our metabolism.

4. Red rules: Red or green? Red cabbage contains 15 times as much wrinkle-fighting beta carotene as what the green cabbage does, and red bell peppers have up to 9 times as much vitamin C as the green ones.

5. Just wheat is not neat: “But I thought wheat bread is good for me?” In fact, wheat bread is just white bread dyed with molasses to make it look like it’s brown. Whole grain or “100% whole wheat” are what you should be looking for. To be on the safer side, go for rye bread. It said that 8 hours after eating rye, people feel less hungry as opposed to those who eat wheat bread due to its high content of fiber.


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