Mull Over to Start Over – By Dalia Al Saad

How do you feel about your job?

Is it just a means of living or do you find joy in waking up every morning to head to work? 

When do you feel pumped, when you are required to help others, when you come up with great ideas, or when you make money?

Was choosing your career completely your choice, were you brainwashed into believing that this is the thing for you by your parents, or did you just have no other choice?

Is there such a thing as having no other choice?!

Well remember this: Career change is always possible. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” they say.

So, here’s how it is plain and simple.
If you want to find happiness, find yourself first!

Yes, when you don’t know who you truly are, you’re lost.
When you try to be like someone else who is entirely different from who you are, you’re lost.
When you try to please others on your expense, you’re lost.
When you lack the skills that are needed to excel in your dream job, you’re lost.

When you drag yourself to work without any purpose with an empty feeling inside, you’re lost.

When you just do it for the buck, you’re lost.

Is being wealthy while doing what you detest everyday genuine happiness?

If you’re being truly honest with yourself, you’d realize that it surely isn’t!

You are truly happy when you thank God everyday for making the right decisions in your life that gave you this high sense of self-approbation.

Picture this: You’re taking your second sip of your hot coffee in your kitchen only to find yourself daydreaming about your project and you snap out of it with excitement kicking through your bloodstream like you’ve won the lottery only because you had a fantastic idea!

This passion and peace of mind that leads to a genuine feeling of joy cannot be bought nor borrowed.
You could only be blessed with this if you found yourself and when I say “found yourself” I mean you discovered what you really enjoy doing and what agrees with the type of person you are.
Once you identify different aspects of your unique personality, your strongest skills, and what motivates and inspires you, you’ll find happiness, and if you’re a hard worker, this awareness may be the reason to your wealth.

Everyday I observe many people who wake up early, get ready, and head to work with long faces, and when I ask them if they enjoy their work, they put on a sullen face and start complaining about their never-ending adversities.

If you ever found yourself frustrated for not being able to cope with fast changes, for your inability to sugarcoat sensitive points because you’re too blunt, for having the desire to lead while in reality it’s not a part of your job description, for your loathing of situations that require deliberate decisions with not much room for compassion, for your repressed artistic inclination in an artless field, those would be signs that it’s time for some major changes in your life.

“So, how can I make changes?,” you may be wondering. Well, it starts with reassessing and reevaluating yourself to better understand your personality, skills, and self-motivation, for they reflect your hobbies, interests, self-confidence, mental state, talents, and capabilities as an individual. They play a HUGE role in every aspect of your life from home to school/college, personal to social life.

Examples of celebrities who changed their careers:

– Sarah Palin: The 46-year-old former Alaska governor signed a contract with Discovery Communications for documentary series of eight parts, tentatively titled Sarah Palin’s Alaska, on TLC.

– Actor Kalpen Modi aka Kumar Patel: This star of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle traded Hollywood for a job at the White House. He is now the associate director at the White House Office of Public Engagement.

– Al Franken: This former SNL (Saturday Night Live) writer later became a performer then a radio show host to be sworn in as a member of Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

– Ray Lamontagne: This famous musician, who sold millions of albums, used to work 65-hour weeks at a shoe factory in Maine before he decided to teach himself how to play the acoustic guitar to quit his day job to immerse himself in music full-time.

– Harrison Ford: Ford, a self-taught carpenter, used to work at a stagehand for George Lucas who later offered his lucky carpenter the lead role in Star Wars.

– David Letterman: Letterman started off as a local weatherman. At the age of 28, he decided to move his family to LA to start a new career as a comedy writer, and we all know where that lead him!

– Martha Stewart: The world famous housemaker used to be a stockbroker on Wall Street. At age 32, she left Wall Street and a few years later, she started her very own catering company and opened a shop called the Market Basket.  In 1977, Stewart incorporated her businesses under the name Martha Stewart Inc., the groundwork for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger: From a body builder to an actor to California Governor.

– Jason Lee: The My Name is Earl star was a professional skateboarder before switching to acting.

– Giorgio Armani: As a child, Armani developed an interest in anatomy, making “dolls out of mud with a coffee bean hidden inside,” explained to the Guardian newspaper. This led to two years of medical study at the University of Piacenza. Taking a break from school, Armani had to complete military service. He soon got his first taste of fashion. “I was doing my military service and I had 20 days off on vacation in Milan,” he explained to Time magazine. Armani’s empire now includes owning a number of restaurants, 500 exclusive retail stores, hotels, and his annual income is roughly $2 billion.

Stay tuned for more in-depth knowledge about career guidance in our upcoming articles. 🙂



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