3 Pillars – By Dr. Hilana Omer

Once upon a time, there lived a little family of three, a father, a mother, and their only daughter.

On a sunny day, they decided to go on a picnic somewhere in the forest. The father was a  gentleman, but he had many bad health habits. The daughter had a bone disease; if any of her bones fractured, it can’t be realigned. The mother was a healthy housewife who was always taking care of her family.

Accordingly, they followed a plan on their way, the father took the lead, the mother was in the middle, and the daughter followed close behind. The mother planned the trip in a way so that if the father felt tired, she could get him through it. At the same time, by being before her daughter, she would be able to secure the way and be quick to hold her if she tripped.

All of a sudden the sky was no longer clear and sunny, it started raining. The ground became slippery and no matter how much the mother tried to be protective of her daughter, it wasn’t an easy task. As the rain got heavier, they were already half way through trying to find shelter when their daughter slipped to break both her legs. Her parents immediately took care of her and decided to carry her. Not many miles away, the father became very tired, and because he was overweight , he couldn’t go one step further. In the dark night, in the middle of the forest and under heavy rains, they stopped walking and they were never found again…

Till this day, no one knows the fate of this unfortunate family and the pouring rain left no trace of them.

The End

Healthy food, healthy lifestyles, awareness campaigns about drugs and diseases, and reading books have become new trends, yet they’re taking us only one step forward to a better way of living. What we actually need to carefully examine is healthy relationships and better communications. Achieving them will take us a hundred steps forward and closer to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Haven’t we all wondered how after many years of marriage, those who initially fell in love grew old together? Surely they didn’t live happily in love through out all those years, however, they fully understood the basic 3 pillars very well and applied them with artistic patience.

Every relationship has 3 basic pillars: love, respect and trust, and that explains why we were always told that love alone wasn’t enough to make a healthy and happy relationship.

In the story above, the father was love, his health represents the ups and downs of life like the similarities and differences that most couples struggle with. Feebleness in these three factors, as simple as they sound, could make any relationship become unhealthy and could create a miserable memory. The precious and vulnerable daughter was trust that could be easily broken and very hard to mend. At last, the mother was respect, which keeps the relationship intact when the hard times come. Along the bumpy road, the respect that they have for each other will carry them to the finish line with all the decency and maturity that exist.

The moral of the story:

As we go further with the relationship, we take it to a higher level and with time love might find its way out. Meanwhile, respect and trust will hold us together. After 40 years of marriage, we will still have the chance of falling in love once again, but when respect is lost, everything is lost! Trust is broken thus love vanishes. Respect and trust are the main pillars that protect any couple living under the same roof while falling in and out of love…

They will still make it, hand in hand, through the rainiest days.


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