I am Enough: The Power of Authenticity – By Najlaa Nezar

Have you ever hesitated or avoided doing something or simply speaking your mind because you are worried about how it will be perceived, and how people will judge/think about you?

Have you ever thought deeply that you are a special soul because your journey has been different from others in every way therefore, your desires, experiences, and perception are unique and different from others. It is more like a finger print.

People usually have a bad relationship with the truth, so most of the time we either avoid or manipulate it thinking, “What if the ugly truth is waiting for us on the other shore!” This single thought terrifies us because we tend to think that if the ugly truth appears somewhere in the middle, the people we like will pull back from us. Being a human, it is a natural feeling to long for acceptance, love, and connection.

Most of the time, the shame and fear of disconnection create the mask we usually wear to hide our genuine selves, and we fall into the trap of thinking that there are certain things in us that would make us be perceived as unworthy of connection to people around us. We tend to forget that having a good connection with others is the very essence of authenticity.

Robin Sharma beautifully talks about The power of Authenticity in his book, “The Secret Letters of the Monk who sold his Ferrari” that I highly recommend to read.

The Power of Authenticity:

“The most important gift we can give ourselves is the commitment to living our authentic life. To be true to ourselves however, is not an easy task. We must break free of the seductions of society and live life on our own terms, under our own values and aligned with our original dreams. We must tap our hidden selves; explore the deep-seated, unseen hopes, desires, strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are. We have to understand where we have been and know where we are going. Every decision we make, every step we take, must be informed by our commitment to living a life that is true and honest and authentic to ourselves and ourselves alone. And as we proceed, we are certain to experience fortune well beyond our highest imagination.”

A researcher Brene Brown, found in her research that vulnerability liberates us from our erroneous and insatiable obsession with perfection thinking we have to be perfect and cannot make mistakes, have flaws or be human. She advises us to feel easy and have the courage to be imperfect even with our expectations towards our children.

It is our ability to embrace vulnerability that allows us to experience true authenticity, true freedom, and power in life.

Always bear in mind never to sell yourself to anyone or anything. Cherish your soul and respect yourself so you will be proud to show your authentic self to the whole world and say, “This is me, and I Am Enough.”


Some inspirational saying:

“Don’t change so people like you, be yourself and the right people will love the real you.”

“Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.”

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde.


For some interesting Teds talks:

Mike Robbins:


Brene Brown:



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