The Best Winter Shades for Your Lips That Will Never Go Out of Style PART 1- By J. Raza

The exciting thing about season changes is the trends in each season. Winter is a great season to get into the dark shades for your lips since the nights are longer. Longer nights require darker shades with darker attire. Many women can take advantage of the weather for a daring lip color since some may feel it’s not their overall look. One thing is for sure, dark lip colors suit everybody and anybody. VAMPY LIPS- which are the most flattering shade that is universal.

Cyber by MAC is a huge trend at the moment, and some may prefer something bright but not as dark so you may go with a berry or cherry lippie. Burgundy is another color that some women prefer since they can wear it out in the day time to work and just out and about. Browns are definitely needed in your collection of winter lippies. If gloss is more of your style you can go for a plum gloss. Many of these shades are found at your local departments and most beauty advisors will be pleased to help you with what kind of vamp shades will be best for you. Dark purples are really fun and daring and the closest many of us can get to black without wearing black.

Vampy is best with neutral eyes and may go bold with your brows. Keep lips moist at all times in the winter, so instead of mattes you may opt for the satin or lustre lipsticks as well.

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