The Magical Mystical Wonderland – By Samir Sarfraz

You never know what the day holds when you wake up. You may have an idea but no convincing concrete slab. One’s will is to put the cement, that has been churning overnight, in to the ground so steps can be made.

It all sounds a bit overwhelming but ironically, it’s not done overnight. Decisions are made that lead to situations; soon after, trust is called upon so your hand has something to hold on to.

In my life, there has only been a handful of times when I could say with certainty ‘I know what is going to happen’. Most of those times have come when an outside party isn’t included. The only time someone else was directly involved, was the day I asked my girlfriend to marry me. This was by far the biggest first step I or anyone else will take in their life. But it was a second step scarier than the first, which was buying the ring. So let us start there.


The day began as usual, it started with a text message reminder in bold capitals ‘RING DAAAAY’. Such was the excitement,  I left the rest of the conversation in CAPS LOCK. My mind was moving faster than it would on an early Saturday morning and before I knew it, I was showered, shaven, changed and certain I was making the right decision.

On an occasion such as this, there was one woman who I wanted there, my mum. The opportunity of having her alongside me was a thought I didn’t even consider twice.

When I put down my e-signature (something else I hadn’t done before), nothing knocked me out of sync. There was no emotion or thought that kept me from stepping on the concrete slab. From then on, the path was paved for me. It was as if the pavement had already been placed down for me and it was strong enough to step on with my future on my shoulders.

Next, my lady’s best friend. I wanted to get an all clear from the other “other half,” who no doubt needed to be included. I arranged a certain time to call and ask permission for the go ahead. On the front of it, it was a formality but deeper down, there was just cause.

First step complete, I now had to think how on earth I would be able to surprise someone who knew what was coming.


My first thought was to go with somewhere picturesque, sentimental and memorable but logistical at the same time. I wanted too much too quick. Whilst on the topic of logistics, I also had to time it well. It wasn’t something easily done as there is the backbone of England sandwiched in between our two cities. The Pennines. I thought there was just that to take into account logistically, but then came the requirements from over the hills.

  • Hair
  • Nails
  • Outfit
  • Time of day
  • Easily remembered date
  • Time to relax

All of the above were taken in to careful consideration and put on high priority. If this was what I had to work with, then it would be worked around the essentials. And I did just that!

I scoured every part of my brain looking for the ‘right’ way to do it and kept coming up against a concrete wall. In the end, I went with my strengths. After all, this is why and how I got to this junction in my life. Staying true to who you are is the best way to get where you want to go.

On the inside, my mind was going at a 100 mph with ideas coming thick and fast. The storyboard quickly became squashed with ideas overlapping emotions. I had to scale back and calm down for the story to become clear. My instincts then proceeded and I couldn’t contain my excitement (again)! So I went with it!

Pure Joy:

On the day, I engulfed a room in gold balloons, train tickets from our many journeys, poems and notes with bits of my heart spelled out on them.

I edited a video of a handful of our best memories and added songs that say it all.

Upon the video finishing I entered the room, with an overwhelmed heart, went down on one knee, forgot my speech, and proceeded with my instincts.

To be able to construct a thought from my imagination into what you can see, was indescribable. With the help of my best man, I was able to create, what me and my fiancé now call, The Magical Mystical Wonderland.

I believe we were put together through fate. Everything that followed the initial 10 minute encounter has been natural. I left with an extremely content, confused smile and a message to my friends. ‘She will have a big part to play in my life’.

I wasn’t wrong.

This is the finished article of what hope to be an extremely long, love filled life.



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