Wildflower: A Valentine’s Day Tribute to True Love – By Dalia Al Saad

A date, a break-up, an estrangement, the famous Aurora shooting, a lot of pain, a deep friendship, a genuine love, that led to the most elaborate marriage proposal!

Max and Bonnie Kate Zoghbi share their story with the rest of the world reminding us all not to underestimate the power of patiently waiting for what you want, giving service, and praying…

Max’s says: “I was on my knees learning from that dark 1 am phone call that this life is short, and that if you can find someone who can beckons creativity, service, and a larger than life love out of you, and who’s willing to forgive you in all your junk, you pursue her with everything you’ve got! Even when it looks like you’re waiting for years or months, you wait. Even if she needs time to process the pain of being shot in a massacre and won’t let you come visit her in the hospital, you park outside, you pray, and you wait. You stay with and love her 6 siblings, you serve, and you wait. And even when she doesn’t want the slightest thing to do with you, and your friends and parents tell you to let it go and move on, you lay your need for more than friendship down, and you serve and you wait. You listen without pretense, you skip work to be there at physical therapy, you search for ways to make her smile, you give her space when needed, you give your ear when asked, you restore a friendship, and you wait …” and it paid off!

Enjoy this short film about their love story below and remember to keep the faith 🙂


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