The Traveler and the House – By Zaher Ibrahim

Once upon a time there was an old traveler who roamed around the globe. Leaning on his aging stick, S.K. wandered east and west, across valleys and over mountains in an endless journey. One afternoon, as tired as he was after a long day, this traveler found himself in front of beautiful rustic house. The house was simple and modest, but something about it was pleasant and inviting.

The house had a crimson red roof covering it warmly like a cozy blanket on a cold night. The roof was supported with two colossal pillars, standing strong, side by side.

In front of the house lay a gorgeous garden, a carnival of colors, a masterpiece of beauty. At one corner of the garden was a wonderful nursery of red roses spreading the aroma of romance all around. At another corner was a delicious collection of fruits and vegetables growing high and low, inviting the hungry and seducing the full.

A small stream of cold fresh water ran around the garden, caressing the plants and tickling the roses.

Embracing the garden and the house was a well-kept wooden fence. Each picket of the fence shouldered the other like soldiers on the front, ready to defend against all enemies.

The traveler knocked on the door. A young man and a young woman answered. With a gracious smile and no questions asked, they welcomed the traveler and offered him food and rest.

After a warm meal and a refreshing break, the traveler spoke. With a deep voice and a certain tone he said: “I have been traveling long, sent on a mission, striving in a search. But before I tell you who I am and what I’m looking for, you have to tell me the story of your house.”

The husband and wife exchanged looks and a soft smile then said to the stranger, “Our house is called The House of Glory and Praise. On our wedding day, we got a piece of land of the fertile soil, sincerity. With hard work, we established the two pillars of Trust and Respect. We covered it with the roof of mercy that we painted with the color of love.

“Then, we dredged the channels of our little stream, faith, that watered our garden, paradise. Day after day, we planted the roses of charity and the fruits of benevolence. And to protect it all we built our fence of piety.

“On the hot days of hardship, we quenched our thirst with patience. And on the stormy nights of trials, we hid under the blanket of protection holding hands and making supplication.”

The traveler smiled and said: “Now I know that I have completed my search. It is you I have been looking for. My name is Eternal Happiness. And God has sent me here to stay.”


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