10 Noteworthy Notes to Self – By Dalia Al Saad

1. Don’t over stress on unforeseen events of the future. They’re unforeseen for a reason and that is to unravel them as you go. Enjoy the success and dust yourself off and become a stronger person from the downfalls.

2. Prep for your journey. And when I say prep, I mean study your options and really prep, then go on the adventure and continue to make decisions as you go.

3. Try to find the good in every bad situation you face. We all know that the good exists but most of us choose to pretend like they don’t just to pity ourselves. Well that’s okay if that phase doesn’t last for long.

4. We are all but a memory. Make sure you’re a good one 😉

5. Leave a legacy. If we decide to leave a long living impact on other people’s lives. Isn’t that the purpose of our existence?

6. What doesn’t break you, makes you. So don’t allow that evil voice in your head to convince you that that moment in your ongoing life is the end of it.

7. Pick the right shades for yourself. Life can surprise you with lots of joyous things if you continue to put on the right pair of glasses. Choose the right color for yourself and make sure you keep them on when you occasionally, but temporarily, tumble. How long you stay down really depends on how long you allow it to.

8. Don’t be your worst enemy. There are many out there who are doing a great job doing just that. Overcome your fear and realize that each one of us is given chances to achieve our goals in life since the day we took those first baby breaths.

9. Manage your day-to-day. Time can make you feel fulfilled or just so stressed out that you feel like the pressure is going to suffocate you while you’re feeling helpless. Make some lifestyle changes to better manage your time. The fruits of doing that are so delicious it’s hard to describe them in words.

10. You need haters. If others try to convince you that your dream is not worth chasing, think again.
It’s not that they’re haters, they may just be unable to see the real picture from that angle. When you make that dream come true, you can always invite them to your corner of the room.


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