Playing with Your Child: Why it is So Crucial – By Suha Hosni Al Turki

Playing is a child’s purpose in life and the source of his or her entertainment and fun.

Playing provides a child with some important skills to build his or her personality. lt’s a fast way to get to know more about your child’s tendencies from a very young age.
It can develop his personality while having fun. Without playing, the child becomes less-skilled, and that proves the importance of playing, which is determined by adult awareness about how playing is significant for the child.

Childcare experts, who studied the development of children’s games, have confirmed that the child should play 8 hours every day. We can integrate playing with education to get remarkable results. However, most families think their child will benefit if they buy every game their child wants. By doing that, they think they are preparing a fun atmosphere for their child. Then if their child felt  angered they wonder!!! Why is my child feeling angry although we’ve provided him or her with all the toys and games that he or she wants?! The answer is simple: It’s wrong to shower our kids with lots of toys and games.((They benefit when providing them with a few))
Only kids that have a few games/toys know how to use and value their possessions.

When the parents participate in playing with their child, it helps in the development of their dialogue language, willingness to cooperate, and the development in his or her way of thinking, as well as creating a strong and secure emotional parent-child bond.

Although there the real benefit is in providing your child with a few toys/games, that shouldn’t be to the extent that parents start to believe that buying one game is enough for a group of brothers and sisters.

That is a grave mistake!! Doing that might make the child resort to theft and fraud to get the game/toy.

He can’t in this age differentiate between his or her property and other people’s property, and also he won’t have the chance to learn how to take care of his things.

Recycling can help the child benefit from things related with the world of adults like carton, fabrics, paper cups, pipeline, wood, and shingles supplies. Making new and useful things from such material gives a child happiness and joy and teaches him to recycle and protect the environment. Whenever we integrate life lessons and ethics with games, the child won’t insist on buying new games every now and then.
Finally, playing is important for your child’s social and emotional development that is crucial in helping him or her to better understand the world.


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