To Plan or Not to Plan – By Samir Sarfraz

The foreseeable future.

How much can you see?

What can you see?

What colour is it?

Who is there?

I can see the day. The day ahead is what i picture and capture. I see shopping bags, bin bags, handbags, phones, and i see a lot of phones. The elderly, Manchester’s former frontier that now breathe the scars of what went by back when the scuttling gangs commanded the streets leaving the Coppers coy.

My city trying to battle with nature for some early spring sunshine. This annual conflict is underscored largely by the proverbial rain.

I see faces, i see a lot of faces. Each with a story worthy of their own time. I can only talk of what I am drawn to. The hurried ones, phones plastered to ears as if it were an extension of sound.

I catch the lonely looked ones, looking for sympathy, I send a smile only to be knocked back by the red brick of which their foundations lay above.

I see faces eager for the student life… Coffee shops by day and dive bars by night. The two go hand in hand, until someone gets hurt.

The colour is dependent on the weather, and nobody ever mentions the weather can make or break your day. On a sunny day, Manchester finds a way to cope, indoor shopping or indoors with friends; playing, talking, watching and planning for when the sun comes out to play.

It’s safe to say the people of my city lose their minds when we do have our 2 weeks of light. We get to see that everyone has a nice side, the side we always look for deep down.

We choose who we want in our lives for the times we need them. I was once told that people come and go in your life, and that’s ok. I have come to realise this truth. We have certain friends for certain times in our lives. The struggle is accepting that. When I look back, I have lost touch with individuals, and it almost feels like a pointless journey you went on. This however, is a small chapter in the novel of your life.

I’m unsure how far into the future, foreseeable is. What I do know.. is that it is can be defined, for me, it was done through a person. Through no planning or searching, I was presented with what can only be described as my dream. Ever so slowly I began waking up, holding hands with my dream. I hadn’t even had time to compare it to my ideas.

So, before i knew it, I was in the future, not knowing how i got there.

Life is subjective, and my opinions may not be the same as yours, but they do matter.

Every experience we have in life can be related to one another but from that, like with our dearly beloved’s, we take what we will, when we want and ask for the same in return.


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