DIY: Money Gift Wrap – By Ghadeer Al Jihani

Photography by Stefan Hermans
Photography by Stefan Hermans

To make a small box that is wrapped with money, here are the things that you need:


1. Recycled (reusable) papers

2. Small sugar boxes (or any other medium size box as shown in the image)

3. Brush

4. Stick

5. Paper glue  or wood glue

6. Colored tape

7. Crystal clear book cover

8. Some money

Step 1 Spread the money on the recycled paper and place that on the color printer. Print out some fake money. When you finish, cut them efficiently to end up with papers that resemble real money. Don’t forget to enjoy fooling around with your friends and family by making them believe that they’re real 😉

Step 2 Open the glue and use the stick to mix it up (If you’re using wood glue, you won’t need to mix it)

Step 3 Apply a layer of glue over the box you’ve chosen (I recommend doing that side by side), then arrange the fake money, and try to make it neat from the edges as I did in the picture.


Step 4 When you finish arranging them, give it enough time to let the glue dry. While it’s drying, look for any flaws to cover. They are usually found in the edges, so if you find them, no problem, you can always cover them with colored tape.

Step 5 Once it dries, place the colored tape on the edges that have been damaged. (it’s optional)

Step 6 In the end, use the crystal clear cover that is usually used to cover and protect books. Cover the outside of the box covering all the sides and try to be as professional as you possibly can.

Remember that you can be as creative as you want and I’ll show you now what I’ve done…This is the final result 🙂


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