Give Me a Break! ~ By Natalia Oparka

Spring has officially arrived and that means that, whether we like it or not, the time came to smell the coffee and get active! Days are longer, nights warmer and our appetite for life bigger than ever. But in all this Great Awakening let’s not forget about one essential thing: TAKING BREAKS!

  • To many fo us spring means exams, tests, presentations… and other mischief carefully plotted by our teachers. So we hit the books and we hit them hard. To make this process less painful – try planning study-breaks! But remember – stay away from the social media, so your fifteen minute break won’t turn into a one-act drama called “Another wasted evening”. Also include some brainy food into your diet: say ‘yes’ to veggies and ‘no’ to leftover pizza.
  • Spring always gets us out of the house. Many people turn to gardening and other outdoor chores. And although spending time outside is great, keep in mind that a hat on your head and a bottle of water by your side on a sunny day is a MUST. A sunstroke is not something that you want to start your summer with.
  • Unfortunately, most of us spend spring indoors, whether it’s the office or the shop floor. Try to go outside as often as possible during your breaks: Oxygen wakes up your brain, which leads to you being more productive for the rest of the day. You may also want to consider public transport. This way your daily commute will involve at least short walks to the bus stops.
  • And last of all, regardless of the season, listen to your body and be its best friend!

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