Wise Junior.. A Brighter Future ~ Interviewed by Najlaa Nezar

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill.

A good example for this would be individuals who hold within high social responsibility with the urge to have a positive impact on human development by their contributions.

Weam Bakheet implemented this bravely, so after she finished her Master’s in the UK, she decided to return to her homeland, Saudi Arabia and started to design and work on a program that is the first of its kind that focuses on training children to raise their awareness toward life’s important concepts. She believes that her program should include 8 vital fundamentals for good-mannered children and therefore better individuals in the future.


Proudly, Weam founded her awareness center for children, which is located in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia under the name “Wise Juniors”.

Najlaa Nezar from Uvadahlia Magazine had the chance to speak with Weam Bakheet about the center’s vision, mission and plans for the future.

Uvadahlia Magazine: How did you come up with the idea of the awareness-training center of “Wise Junior” and what was your inspiration behind it?

Weam Bakheet: I had this idea since three years ago, and during my Master program in Glasgow Caledonian University/UK it became clearer and I worked on developing it. When I returned to Jeddah, I made it come true.


UM: When did you decide that you wanted to start this center, what was your first step to start it?

WB: The first step was to determine the mission, vision, and the objectives of the program, and to design the program based on them. The program was divided into eight curricula:  

First, “ Ethics and good manners”.

Second, “ Awareness and Emotions”.

Third, “ Success and Skills”.

Forth, “Beliefs”.

Fifth, “ Relationships and Social life”.

Sixth. “ Etiquette and treatment”.

Seventh, “ Health and Sport”.

And the last one “Hobbies”.


UM: What is your vision and mission for this center?

WB: Mission: Inject the society with new educated, well-mannered and conscious generation. Vision: Kids are the future of our planet, investing in them is like investing in our future development.


UM: What is your field of study?

WB: Bachelor of Health Administration and Master of International Business Management.


UM: How did you design the material needed for the children?

WB: I searched for society needs then I started to find the solutions (covered the gaps) and this is exactly the meaning of entrepreneurship. The program was designed after we did a market research based on some competitors, society demand and the gap.

The designing of the models is a continuous work that we never stopped. We have our research and development employees that work to develop the models all the time. We use recent studies from all over the globe, books, and recommendations from educators and doctors.

The eight models we provide are so deep and give the children the access to a global vision.

Our models can help children better understand their emotions through their daily lives and how to best deal with them. Often, conflict arises out of misinterpreted or badly conveyed emotions. E.g. A child might lash out and break something in anger, when really he/she is just feeling scared or worried. This program helps kids understand and control their confused emotions and encourages an easier parent-child relationship.

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UM: What were the obstacles and challenges that you faced at the beginning?

WB: It wasn’t easy to find a legal umbrella, a place to operate from and skilled employees.

UM: What were the latest events in the center and are there any upcoming events?

WB: The latest event was the graduation of 13 kids from our three month program. The children presented their projects, which were about work ethics and morals, to the audience.

Regarding the upcoming events, we have summer camps and we have workshops in Ramadan that consists of volunteering concepts and social responsibility. We will also teach them how to organize a real event, which will be held in Eid Alfeter Inshallah.


UM: Is there any plan for English programs?

WB: Inshallah very soon we will establish Wise Junior in English. As we want to expand our services to reach the entire market.


UM: What advice do you give to parents when dealing with difficult children?

WB: The child is a direct reflection of his parents. If he is difficult, then they gave him a difficult time. E.g. If he is acting out, then he could be having a difficult time with his parents.


For more information:

Follow the center:

Instagram: @Wise.junior

Facebook: Wise junior


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