Mind Control and Hidden Messages ~ By Ghadeer Al Johani

Our Brains:

Are you fully awake? Do you own your consciousness? The real question is do you notice everything you see??

Well, throughout your life, your conscious mind hasn’t processed everything but your subconscious mind has!!

What does that mean exactly? We’ll find out about that in a few…

Every human brain has 2 parts:

The first one is the conscious mind and the other one is the subconscious.

When you are given new pieces of information, your brain starts processing them and they usually pass through two phases:

  1.  The first one happens in the conscious mind which has the ability to choose, decide, analyze, understand, and question; It can amazingly accommodate 5 to 9 different types of information at the same time. For example, when you talking to someone, one can notice the hair and eye color of the person one is talking to; one can focus with what that person is saying and respond while looking at who’s standing close and also thinking about something else all at the same time. However, it focuses on just one point at a time, and it logically researches and thinks through each point, so when your brain has finally processes this information and if your conscious mind accepts it, it goes to your subconscious either as new information or as a completion or correction of an older one.
  2. The second one happens in the subconscious in which nothing much happens except for memorizing, storing and organizing all the information that you’ve gotten during the day. Here is where beliefs, feelings and actions are automatically controlled.

But the mental processes of the subconscious are not limited only to those, in fact they have the ability to receive and process around 2 million pieces of information per second, and it’s synchronous, automatic and doesn’t sleep which explains why we sometimes feel like we’re awake while we’re sleeping.

How do hidden messages get through to our brain?

Since we now know how our minds work, let’s take a closer look to see how they manipulate them.

In 1920, the army’s soldiers struggled in recognizing the enemy’s planes, so 18 pictures of enemy’s planes were displayed for them in 1 second as a sequential illustrations, for a sufficient amount of time, and the experiment succeeded. They were able to recognize the planes faster and in a more efficient way.

What happened here was that this experiment was overwhelming for their conscious so their conscious took a side and gave the subconscious the chance to record all the displayed information, and this process always (and I mean always) happens automatically … even if you aren’t aware or if you’re against it.

Then, in 1957, a man called James Fessara heard about it and he wanted to experiment in public.

If you feel hungry eat popcorn, if you feel thirsty drink coca cola

These phrases were frequently shown during the movie as sequential messages and that caused a rise in sales by 100%.

T.V is made for … ??

Do you believe movies and television shows are created just for your entertainment? Well, think twice!

Your brain needs just 30 seconds from the time you sit and watch T.V for the brain waves to change from theta to beta and delta to alpha and this is the deepest kind of hypnosis.


Hypnosis happens by some types of repeated pictures, sounds, colors, shapes, words, numbers, and flashes.

Unfortunately, being a victim of hypnosis can happen to anyone and at anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are old, young, educated or uneducated; at night or during the day.

They use hypnosis to make hidden massages have a powerful effect on watchers.

As we already know how our minds work in detail, we acknowledge now that even if we don’t notice something, that doesn’t mean we don’t see and/or understand it because we have seen it enough times for it to be saved in our memory. That leads us to understand that things stick in our subconscious without knowing and as time goes by, they become ideas and after some time it evolves into automatic actions. In many cases, we don’t even know where we learnt them…

The black box

The results and consequences of sitting in front of these black boxes, that we put in the corners of our living rooms and which is supposed to be the main thing that gathers the family around, are numerous!


T.V is the main reason for:

1- The prevalence of smoking.

2- The prevalence of sex abuse and harassment.

3- Obesity.

4- Laziness.

5- High purchase rates.

6- The spread of violence.

7- The widespread of demonic doctrines.

8- The demolition of principles.

9- Insomnia.

And the list goes on, so the longer you sit in front of the T.V the deeper they control your mind.

And because God gave us the right to choose, I believe that no one should be allowed to control our minds because we are the only masters of our brains and that’s what we deserve.


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