24k Face Serum -By J. Raza

aging skin pic

For a beautiful youthful glowing look, 24k flakes in serums are the way to go. You probably are aware of these beauty looks and routines from sites such as Instagram and the like. Applying a few pumps of serum before applying makeup gives you a smooth application and gorgeous youthful glow. The freshness lasts up to 6 hours, sometimes more, depending on your age group. Any type of 24k flaked serum is enough. It doesn’t necessarily need to be of a top brand; however, I personally use the one from Orogold, which is 24k with vitamin C. It is on the pricey side, but as we get older, sometimes money isn’t the issue when it comes to your face. We cannot stop the process of aging, however, serum is a great anti-aging product, and gold has been used for centuries.

Serums are usually formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients so that a few drops are sufficient to cover the entire face. The texture is usually lighter than a moisturizer, which allows for it to be used as a stand-alone product for someone with oilier skin, or used under a moisturizer for someone with normal to dry skin.

Apply the serum with one or two fingers (so as to avoid wasting the serum on your hands) and massage thoroughly into the skin. Antioxidant-rich serums (such as those rich in Vitamin C) tend to work well at preventing oxidative strain from pollution and UV radiation that we are all exposed to during the day, making them ideal for application under a sunscreen in the morning. These multifunctional serums work to protect the skin as well as improve the evenness of the skin tone and reduce the number and depth of facial wrinkles.

Serums rich in peptides can help to boost collagen and elastin production and restore firmness to the skin. So, you aren’t just getting a gorgeous makeup application, you are also feeding your skin. I say even on no makeup days, the serum should be applied to help with wrinkles, brighten the skin, and make it appear more luminous and smooth. But care should be taken not to over-apply these serums.



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