5 Healthy Alternatives ~By Zatasha Kiran

Photographed By Kerdkanno

Unlike people of the past, our generation has become dramatically reliant on conventional medicine and healing through chemicals, as well as an uproar in chemical solutions for beauty. Most people head straight to their local doctor or pharmacy if they are sick or in need of a “beauty lift.” If you’re at all health-conscious, you’ll appreciate these natural alternatives to commercial products and methods.


1. Magnesium spray – Magnesium is a key mineral in the human metabolism and helps create and maintain bone integrity as well as enabling energy production. People who suffer from migraines, stress, sleeping or skin problems will benefit by spraying this on any part of the body throughout the day. It also helps to temporarily reduce pain from arthritis and inflammation.



2. Coconut oil – Substitute your fluoride filled toothpaste for cold pressed coconut oil. It helps to whiten teeth naturally as well as detoxifying and killing bacteria. Add a few drops of spearmint or peppermint oil for a minty freshness.

Note: coconut oil can also be used for a number of other areas including hair, skin and food.




3. Oil pulling – If you’re trying to achieve that perfect smile, oil pulling is definitely for you! Not only does it clean and whiten teeth, it also brings out the toxins in your body and helps to restore teeth and repair mild cavities. Using a teaspoon of any natural oil, swish for 10-15 minutes in the morning before eating or brushing teeth (be extra careful not to swallow any as it’s full of your body’s toxins).




4. Valerian root pills – Valerian root is derived from the plant and used as a natural sleeping aid. If you suffer from sleeping problems and feel reliant on sleeping pills to get a good night’s rest, these pills will work just as well and don’t have any of the long-term side effects that pharmaceuticals do.







5. Echinacea is a herbal product derived from the plant and used to relieve symptoms of the cold or flu. It helps to boost the immune system and is best taken in liquid form. For stronger results, try taking a drop every morning with a teaspoon of pure Manuka or Propolis honey.




Incorporating these few healthy habits into your lifestyle could help improve your overall health and boost your metabolism and immune system. As they say, every little helps!


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