Insistence: The Formula for Success – By Shatha Akeel

Whenever the doors close in my face, I feel frustrated, disappointed and in my mind, I start to ask myself many questions mainly like: Why should I try again? What will I get from trying and repeating after every failure?

These are just a couple of questions that keep me away from trying again. One day, I was listening to a program on the radio the program which was talking about the success stories of the celebrities and the greats figures of the world.

I was struck by the stories, especially the ones that begin with difficulty and tough times. The host explained how success made a huge difference in their lives and in their communities. All of the people in these stories captured my full attention because, in spite of cultural, ethnic, religious, environmental and differences between them, there is one thing that linked all of  them and that is: Their insistence!

All of them kept trying again and again, even with their exposure to failure, criticism and mocking (maybe more than once), all of them had a purpose and the determination to advance once again and reach their goals. I knew, afterward, that trying again after the failure of the first, second, and third attempt gives experience and is the key to success.

Here, I want to mention two stories of two famous personalities who started off in difficult financial situations to end up as successful billionaires.

  1. Saleh Al-Rajhi: He worked as a porter in the mornings getting a simple wage and sold scraps in the evenings. After that, he chose a spot in one of the town squares to change currency in at a low exchange rate. People queued up quickly and they continued to do so. In 1946, he opened the first office to convert currencies and founded his currently successful international empire: Al Rajhi Banking Group.
  2. Zhou Qunfei: She left school at the age of 16 and traveled to look for work. She found a job at a factory where she worked on watch parts only to make one dollar a day. In 1993, she decided to start her own business from her savings, which were only $3000. She began with the help of some of her relatives in a nearby building. They attracted customers with their high-quality products. She later expanded by producing mobile phone screens and touch-screen maker Lens Technology. Her customers are leading electronic companies like Apple and Samsung.

Remember when you have insistence coupled with work, you will be able to achieve your dreams and become immensely rich and successful.


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